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Onkel Neal
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gear Wolfpack Tactics & Tips

Wolfpack Game Manual - Updated Dec 2019 with Single Player tips

Using the Tutorial mission to practice firing torpedoes

Wolfpack: TDC - Overview & Calculation Example

__________________________________________________ ___

Routine dive

1. Routine dive only ordered by Captain
2. Captain orders "Prepare to dive", descends into conning tower, closes voice tube on the bridge.
3. Helmsman uses telegraph and switches from diesel to electric motors, then orders ahead half.
4. Navigator takes a depth sounding, reports depth under keel.
5. Navigator marks on chart where boat’s location is at the start of the dive.
6. Captain closes conning tower hatch, says “Conning tower hatch is closed"
7. Dive Officer sets dive planes, tells Captain “Ready to dive”
8. Captain orders “Flood”
9. Helmsman opens the forward MBT #4 vent valves allowing seawater in the main ballast tanks.
10. Navigator opens the aft MBT #2 vent valves allowing seawater in the main ballast tanks.
11. Captain sets depth with order “Go to depth, xx meters”
12. The boat is dived at a down angle of 5-8°. In so doing, the ordered depth is initially overshot by about 2-5 meters, and the ordered depth is approached from below by the Dive Officer's operation of the dive planes.
13. After the report of Dive Officer: "Boat is at xx meters", the order always follows, Captain: "Close vents".
14. Helmsman and Navigator closes MBT vent valves.
15. Navigator reports any leaks or problems, “No leaks detected, Herr Kaleun”.
16. Captain orders new speed, course as necessary. If at periscope depth, the slowest speed should be selected.
17. Helsman reports battery status, “Both batteries at xxxx amps, Herr Kaleun”.
18. Sonar reports any contacts.

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