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Originally Posted by zeus View Post
Hello guys

The solution I have is simple
Simply in the correction patches there is an option called "Advance users", you deactivate that option and the simulator will run without connecting to Uplay.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
That's correct. You can disable uplay completely trough the Generic Patcher but in that case automatic campaign transfers won't work. However, this problem can be bypassed by campaign transfer workaround described in the included "TWoS_Alternative Campaign Progression.pdf" tutorial...
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Hi vdr1981! Tell me what these fonts are called? I apologize for my English, I use Google translator.

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Default welcome aboard!

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Originally Posted by vdr1981 View Post
Try this...Open "Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu\" with notepad and change marked text to "False"...

# Created by TheDarkWraith for IO_StrategicMap_Mod
# Edited by Obelix 04/15/2011 @ 0140

###### IO_Strategic_map options ############

#+++++ specific IO_Strategic_map items ++++++++
# is the dripped visible?
# change below to either True or False
IOSMDrippedEnabled = False

# is the NavMapSeal visible (stam)?
# change below to either True or False
IOSMNavMapSealEnabled = True

# is the Plastic Texture visible?
# change below to either True or False
IOSMPlasticTextureEnabled = True
I'm sure you'll see the map much better...
I have the same problem but this didn't help. Only thing that help me is to activate the looking glass in Windows when I have to read things on the map
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