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Default Night too dark?

One of the things that bothers me in game is the white superstructures and masts etc, shining brightly, even on the otherwise darkest night. This really needs toning down, so that the merchants are at brightest, a dark grey in full night=time illumination.

During the war, both aircraft and U-boats used to try and fire from up-moon (as it were) along the moon-path and towards the relatively illuminated ships, if the moon is providing illumination.

Personally I'd like to see different phases of the moon being possible as a configurable "difficulty" setting, and at the same time, the white superstructure colours greatly darkened. In this way, the usual observations of ship type, speed and heading can be made, but more easily done whilst the enemy ship is illuminated in the moon-path. Attempting to achieve this the other way would provide a good silhouette only....

Truly dark moonless nights would obviously cause problems for identifying ships etc, however, would also allow surfaced U-boats to attack at much shorter ranges.

This combination of improvements appeals to me as it will vary the tactics being applied to make use of the conditions that play-session, and therefore vary the experiences of players..
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I second this. Night time needs fixing. The spotting range is too high, and yes the ships are too bright. Historical accounts describe surface shooting sometimes at dark shapes, and the U-boat commander’s handbook explicitly mentions how difficult estimating AOB is at night. Plus, once we can get reasonably close, as in 1000 m or less on a dark night, that will allow this very important tactic, the night surface attack, to be finally possible in the game.
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