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Default Wolfpack BdU Variant Mod

BIG NEWS! Perhaps you’ve seen the “sneak peek” thread introducing our campaign. Well, our esteemed member Elphaba (Zoe) has been able to mod the game for purposes of our campaign! I was merely technical advisor.

Send me a PM if interested in joining. We are yet to go live on Subsim but are active on Discord.

Here are the features:

Wolfpack BdU Variant Mod 1.0 by Captain Zoe E
Summers and Stosstrup (M. Hamacher)

1. Reload times are now between 20 - 30min PER TUBE, sequentially.

2. Salvo shot launch times are now set to the
historical figure of 2.3 secs between each

3. Torpedoes can now be Duds, with historical
figures for the correct month / year.

4. Torpedoes can now prematurely detonate, and it will be detectable by the AI for the
correct month / year.

5. Torpedoes have a historically accurate
chance of losing guidance after arming.

6. The TDC will not allow a torpedo to be
fired if any of the main ballast vents are

7. Upon firing a torpedo, a positive buoyancy
will be effected.

8. Torpedo Ranges are now historically
accurate and will change for the correct month
/ year.

9. TDC correctly recognises Torpedo max range
based on date.

10. Climb down from bridge onto player
controlled ladder animation is significantly
faster; this not only prevents people blocking
the ladder but is further useful for getting
down your test dive times.

11. The UZO now has a compass rose for
relative bearings (at the top) and the guide
wires illuminate with the night switch (Note:
do not rely on the gradicles for

12. Holding Q shows the mod details and
version number.

13. Attack periscope no longer has stabilisation.

14. Observation periscope no longer has stabilisation.

With this mods enabled, it is **strongly**
recommended no boat shall sail with less than
3 crew. However, 4 (or more) crew are
**strongly** advised.

This is the first version of the Wolfpack BdU
Campaign variant of Wolfpack.

Further mods, tweaks and even bug fixes are
being developed in parallel to the campaign
and a new mod will be pushed to all boats as
it becomes available.
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