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View Poll Results: Mod/Modder of the Year
Denis _469 2 9.52%
ExFishermanBob 8 38.10%
Tycho 2 9.52%
Ahnenerbe 3 14.29%
VDR1981 6 28.57%
Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06-30-2015, 02:37 PM   #1
Commander Wallace
Ocean Warrior
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Support Vote here for Best of Subsim 2015: Mod/Modder of the Year

I nominate Denis _469 for modder of the year. This is in regards to the war elite mod [REL] War Elite v.2 mod
Blitzkreig uploaded this as well war elite for Denis as well .
War Elite v.2.0. and mod work in power computers. in addition, There is Blitzkreig with S3F . Both represent hard work and some of the best Subsim has to offer.

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Old 10-05-2015, 01:00 PM   #2
The Lone Wolf
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Default For Mod / Modder of the Year 2015

Nomination for Category: Mod/Modder of the Year.

I am nominating ExFishermanBob for his work in developing his project “Radio Traffic Exchange (real-players' radio traffic)”

The thread to related to this project can be found here:

This particular project is a sub-simmers dream. His coding makes the exchange of radio traffic a great new addition to the Silent Hunter series that we love so much. He should be awarded the best Mod / Modder of the year 2015 for his work.

Thanks ExFishermanBob

"The Lone Wolf"
Silent Hunter III / GWX
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Old 10-15-2015, 12:11 AM   #3
Sea Lord
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Mod/Modder of the Year
OP: Tycho

Analog Clock:
KzS Notepad:
DR3 slide rule:

There should be a new category Minimod Master, especially made for Tycho. Tycho has solved many problems in Silent Hunter III that have been around for years. Thanks to him we can now write text to the game, which opens up wholly new areas of potential mod development from notepads to Enigma radio messages to war diaries. Thanks to him we can also now get the accurate Kriegsmarine grid, just as in the good old Aces of the Deep. He's also given us an analog clock, which gives a nice historical touch to the game and makes game play a little bit more fluent as a side effect, too. He's also found a historical Luftwaffe slide rule from somewhere, and converted that into a very good looking and handy U-boat slide rule. All of his mods have a very characteristic feeling. They always make me and many other SH3 enthusiasts think: "wow I've always wanted this to be added to the game, but never thought the game engine would allow it".

Tycho is also a very nice person. He's always been extremely helpful and patient with any kinds of requests for assistance, even though he needs to do all the helping in English, which is not his native language. Tycho has also always shared his works in the most sharing and humble way
NYGM+H.sie v16+Stiebler 4C+MaGui WS
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Old 10-18-2015, 04:21 PM   #4
Silent Hunter
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I nominate "Ahnenerbe" for Most Helpful Member of the Year AND MOD/Modder of the year!


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Old 11-05-2015, 09:31 PM   #5
Argentinischer Kaleun
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Originally Posted by Magic1111 View Post
I nominate "Ahnenerbe" for Most Helpful Member of the Year AND MOD/Modder of the year!


+ 1 Here. Ahnenerbe for best modder of the year. The GUI for 1920x1080 launchs SH3 to a new dimension of the old game.



My subject is War, and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity - Wilfred Owen.

Too old to rock'n'roll, too young to die!
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Old 11-09-2015, 10:32 AM   #6
Growing Old Disgracefully
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Mod/Modder of the Year

My vote here goes to VDR1981 (Vecko) for his continual resolve in pushing the boundaries to give the SH5 gamer something really worth playing.

His insight into producing an all in one mega mod with TWOS and easy installation instructions makes this game possible for anybody wanting to play SH5.

As an active modder new innovations and regular game updates are welcomed as the TWOS gamer knows there will always be more and exciting things to follow in the future from him.

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Old 12-19-2015, 10:18 AM   #7
Onkel Neal
Born to Run Silent
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Support Vote here for Best of Subsim 2015: Mod/Modder of the Year

Mod/Modder of the Year - Let's give it up for the clever fellows who pioneer improvements and fixes to our sub games. For this category, you want to nominate someone who has created a really helpful and popular mod. Also consider how he interacts with the community--is he polite, supportive, and helpful? Does he respond to queries?
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