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Default SH5 Help!

Hi, mans!
Silent Hunter 5 problem!

When I uncheck Event Camera off, the game spontaneously disables that camera and it stops working.. Perhaps there is a fix to solve this problem?
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Default welcome aboard!

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This is not the SH5 forum section... here is SH4 German side
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... and if you mis-typed the "4" into the "5" above, one must remember that there are two sets of settings in the SH4 game. One is on the main menu under Options and Game Play for the event and external cameras. The other is in the Captain's Office before you go on patrol. In the US boats, there is a wooden console radio to your left. In the German side, it is the filing cabinet to the right of the wall map, left of the exit door. Click on one of those, and you get the set of Options for career mode...

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