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Old 05-23-2020, 07:46 PM   #1
steel shark
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Default re do of unreleased mod,s

ive looked at epic mod and was about to release a few mods soon but ill make then add epic or playable subs versions too this will include photo realistic Russian , uk , usn weapons and model re placers for both submarines and weapons as my main aim is to blend playable subs with epic mod and my version of heavily modded cold waters in to one amalgamated mega mod , however ive kinda got a lot on at the moment so ill most likely do incremental releases also im 100% sure other mod makers will too so this might turn in to a group mega mod effort , Many hands Make Lighter Work im also a FIRM believer in not reinventing the WHEEL

Steel Shark.
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Old 05-24-2020, 02:03 PM   #2
steel shark
Join Date: Oct 2019
Location: Uk
Posts: 79
Downloads: 26
Uploads: 8
Default Progress

ive managed to fully translate the weapons & sensors in Epic Mod and i am configuring em as I go.

also integrated my hud mod,s and photo realistic weapons packs in to it also sound mods and weapons mod,s

This is a very good mod they put it together very well.

weapons header table translated sample


//I. Торпеды и ракеты
// 1. СССР
// 1а) Торпеды
// 1б) Крылатые ракеты
// 1в) ПЛУР
// 1г) Баллистические ракеты
// 1.1) Имитаторы ПЛ
// 2. США
// 2а) Торпеды
// 2б) Крылатые ракеты
// 2в) ПЛУР
// 2г) Баллистические ракеты
// 3. Другие нации
// 3а) Англия
// 3б) Германия
// 3в) Индия
// 3г) Италия
// 3д) Канада
// 3е) Китай
// 3ж) Франция
// 3з) Швеция
//II. Сонарные буи
//III. Глубинные бомбы, РБУ и снаряды.
// 1. СССР
// 2. США
// 3. Другие нации



// I. Torpedoes and rockets
// 1. USSR
// 1a) Torpedoes
// 1b) Cruise missiles
// 1c) PLUR
// 1d) Ballistic missiles
// 1.1) Submarine simulators
// 2. USA
// 2a) Torpedoes
// 2b) Cruise missiles
// 2c) PLUR
// 2d) Ballistic missiles
// 3. Other nations
// 3a) England
// 3b) Germany
// 3c) India
// 3g) Italy
// 3d) Canada
// 3e) China
// 3g) France
// 3h) Sweden
// II. Sonar buoys
// III. Depth bombs, RBU and shells.
// 1. USSR
// 2. USA
// 3. Other nations

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