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Originally Posted by shipkiller1 View Post
The reason we (the West) never built one it not because we couldn't, it was because there was no reason to, tactically, and because we did not have access to enough titanium.
Yes, I understand, I assume that if building titanium hull was in fact a priority (all other factors considered) the US would have found the means to do so.

I should have been more careful in wording my post, but I was in a haste, my intent was not to affirm that the US could never do it EVEN IF THEY WANTED, but that at that time it was considered so difficult (extremly diffcult from their point of view and out of their area of "expertise") that they failed to believe the Russian were just doing that.

Originally Posted by shipkiller1 View Post
As I have said here before, having the ability to dive deep is of very limited value. Generally, based on 90% of the water in the world you are going to evade an incoming weapon shallow.

Being able to go really fast has some uses, mainly for weapon evasion, but due to the Alpha's radiated noise levels at anything above 10kts, it just makes it easier to track.

Back in the last 80's, the US Navy put a five bladed screw on the USS Groton. She did 41kts, but was noisy as hell.
Also thank you for this info.

In any case I hope the link provided can give to the interested reader a good story to taste

P.S.: English is not my mother tongue, sorry for mistake or if I'm not clear.
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steel shark
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Default War of The Words

Peace is Many Voices arguing

i think ill wait for the audio book of this to come out then listen to it.

their is some really good information in this thread sub wise.

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