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Icon1 Ustawienia dla torped.

Po każdym odpaleniu torpedy, na lewym pulpicie obok peryskopu trzeba ustawiać nowe dane dla torpedy ( głęboko¶ć zanurzenia i zapalnik ). W którym miejscu można wpisać te dane , aby w standarcie ustawiały się zawsze np na zapalnik magnetyczny i głęboko¶ć 3,5 metra ?
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Default welcome aboard firsttime poster!

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Default Settings for torpedoes.

After each torpedo launch, the new data for the torpedo (depth of immersion and igniter) must be set on the left panel next to the periscope. Where can you enter this data so that in the standard always set eg a magnetic fuse and a depth of 3.5 meters? Thank you so much for help
That's after running you through Google Translate.

I'm not sure if there is a way to mod that to have a "default" setting for depth and speed or not, seems to me that there is, but I'm not remembering it right now. In the meantime, while on the approach to a target for an attack, I will go through my torpedo tubes and set them at an arbitrary figure, usually "Contact" (unless adhering to ComSubPac orders) and 15 feet deep. That way, I'm close to what I'll use, and it it's a merchant vessel, I'll just let it fly that way anyway...

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Speed no, tried reversing the speeds and it disables the switch in game. For the US torpedoes the file is \Data\Library\Torpedoes_US.sim, the one for German torpedoes probably has a similar name.

Those are the settings for default depth and contact/influence, with those numbers I get a default depth of 12 feet and contact pistol by default for the mark 14.
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