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Icon7 Maybe this is stupid, Wolfpack "boardgame" layer...

Look dont go at me like i am mad or something.

I have been doing some thinking , Wolfpack has great immersion and realism, even in this early state it is in, but we all know it is kinda repetitive the way it is, the encounters do not happen in a dynamic or "organic" way, it is just that, here is convoy take it out, with friends if you like that.

So i was thinking how to get some sort of dynamic action or for the lack of a better word, a "campaign", into the game without the need to do things as complex as the SH games, where you need high time compression in a 3D world.
And there it came to me, the Storm Eagle Studio games, like Jutland.
I guess many here know it...i hope, it is a nice simulation.

It does have a boardgame layer where a 3d real world map(to simplify it) is split up into 20x20km squares and you move "stacks" of ships/fleets over the boardgame map from square to square, in Wolfpack this could be your U Boot or in fact several of them, you could command the full Uboot fleet of germany and send em over the map to do convoy hunt and what not, just like you command british or german WW1 navy in the Jutland game.

You could have several objectives, like kill X tons troop ships in the channel or X tons of merchant tonnage in the Atlantic/Mediteranian, just as example.
Depending on date in the campaign.

If one of your boats does make contact, you are spawned into a 200x200 km square(it has all the forces from 10 by 10 of the 20km squares, so there are often ships in in you did not spot visually and dont know they are there yet), with some randomness to it but if the enemy came from north and you from east, game takes that into account. The battle happens or you disengage and the results are credited for you into the "boardgame" layer.

The jutland boardgame layer could run at 1x 10x 100x 1000x and i even think 10000x speed i cant remember exactly but you do not have to track each unit in the real 3d world but only on the boardgame 20x20km squares layer, only when units meet in the same "square" or spot each other in neighboring squares with good visibilty and depending on chances(night reduce spotting range and so on) they trigger combat, they are loaded into a battle "instance" bye up of 10 by 10 of the 20x20 square, that is 200x200km.
In theory maybe you could even multiplayer this if you could invite friend to these battles, or if you had a unit of 2 boats each player get 1 boat.

What do you think... in know it is crazy and probably way too much work, but it would be cool for sure and i guess way less complex to make it work compared to full 3rd all the time!

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