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Default 2 US sub questions

Question the first.
Back in WW-II does anyone know about how log it took to refuel and/or rearm an American sub in the field at one of the sub tenders? For that extra bit of realism I like to fast forward between one to two hours as I am only guessing that it would take that long to refuel my boat. If I am rearming with new torpedoes and refueling I would think that would take quite a bit longer. Depending on how many torpedoes I am taking on I will fast forward between three to eight hours. Like I said these are only guesses, and not even educated ones at that. As of yet I have been unable to find any information about this on line.

Question the second
When my sub takes damage there is a number on the left side of the sub systems status/damage screen that represents how much damage the superstructure has take. Originally because there are thee numbers I thought that if it said for example 012 that meant the superstructure had one point two percent damage. How ever now I am starting to think that 012 would mean the superstructure is twelve percent damaged which in my opinion is strange because that would mean that first number could only ever be a one and that would mean my boat would have one-hundred percent damage and that would do me no good because at that point I would probably be dead.

These are just a couple of things I have been wondering about for a while so any info or insight would be much appreciated.

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