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Originally Posted by Idaeus View Post
lol! Is that for real? Thats funny!
a Jay Leno special for "What's your Line"
great picture!!
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Originally Posted by Torplexed View Post
They did! Ubisoft is retroactively making history come true with that file. The German U-boat ace, Jurgen Oesten (U-106) was used as a technical advisor on the making of SHIII.
Originally Posted by Lord_FLB View Post
Ahoi Kaleuns,

modding the *.cfg/txt files I've found this:

Strategic Messages:
7624= As one of the most successfull Commanding Officer of the U-Boat Fleet, world ever seen, you'll be a well respected Admiral in the NATO. In the 21th century Ubisoft use your knowledge to develop Silent Hunter III.

HarHar... nice joke... but why Ubi didn't have done like they had promised ?:rotfl:

Did someone else found other eggs ?

Pretty sure that they were referring to
Friedrich Guggenberger. Not only was he a U-Boat captain and a twice escaped POW, he went on to attend the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, and became the Deputy Chief of Staff in the NATO command AFNORTH

There's even a short you-tube video about him
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