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steel shark
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Default Mined Waters - MK67 (SLMM)

Epic waters submarine launched mines

I have made a :


Mark 67 Submarine Launched Mobile Mine

for Epic waters the basics are it is launched from your submarine to the way point then dose a slow 360 degree on the spot static rotation till it detects a target then it will home in on it setting are :

1.Active or passive

its got wake homing all ways on but you can choose to use active or passive sonar in search phase if passive is left on this is the default setting it will use only Passive sonar and wake homing if Active is used it will also use Active also this mode makes it a active decoy that if approached will actively attack the target weather a ship or sub or torpedo.

2.Depth settings are straight or shallow

if straight is used it will keep its launch depth when fired

if shallow is used it will head to the surface during transit to way point.

this weapon makes a very good anti-torpedo-submarine-surface-ship defense line as you can set them up in patterns or lines & at various Depths

you could also make a shield mine wall before engaging a large force which will be firing a load of weapon at you

these can be used as a anti torpedo Counter measure as well

or you can lay then across the path of enemy targets then wait.

Info on Mk67 (SLMM)
The Mk-67 is a multiple influenced bottom mine with a
capacity that permits it to be covertly propelled to a predetermined
planting location Launched by Submarines its purpose is to restrict ship and submarine traffic The MK-67 Submarine Laid Mobile Mine (SLMM) anti-shipping mine is similar to a torpedo in that after it is launched it can travel under its own power to a remote location the 1,765-pound Mk-67 uses a propeller which allows it to move independently to areas not normally accessible to by mines the Mk67 employs a modified Mk37 torpedo as the Propulsion vehicle designated Mine Body Main Assembly MK 4.
Forward of this section is attached Explosive Section Mk13 which
contains the exploder and arming device firing mechanism or target
detection device and accosted battery as well as the main explosive

im also making Russian and UK Mines too.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1.MK67 SLMM model.jpg (21.8 KB, 31 views)
File Type: jpg 2. Deploying mines.jpg (37.6 KB, 34 views)
File Type: jpg 3.Making mine field.jpg (93.8 KB, 43 views)
File Type: jpg 4. mines on station doing slow 360 spin.jpg (38.0 KB, 33 views)
File Type: jpg 5. Mine Detects a target and attacks.jpg (23.0 KB, 33 views)
File Type: jpg 6.Target Breaking Up.jpg (97.2 KB, 33 views)
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Great, looking forward to your mod.
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Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default Welcome back!

quelle! after a nine year silent run!
"Only two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe..." Philip K. Dick
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