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Default Edit torpedo loadout manually

Hi guys, I'm playing SH4 Dark Waters mod , I need to change the default torpedo loadout to avoid to change them every time on patrol start.
I've tried to edit basic.cfg , .SIM file of submarine, .upcge file of submarine but nothing changes!

Someone could help me please?
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Look in Data /Submarine / NSS_SubName.upc (upcge for German boats). Open the file in something like Notepad++ or a similar text editor, and "Search" on "IDLinkWeaponIntervalDefault", which is what holds the "default" torpedo by date. You can have just about any number from 1 up for that, but knowing the game, do not expect to go beyond 9 for the upper limit, and it is liable to be lower. It is a bother to set for all the subs in the game, but if you are using just the one boat, and only desire one default torpedo, then all you need is one line "IDLinkWeaponIntervalDefault1=" and the torpedo desired. Note that you must spell the weapon correctly, exactly as used in the game, so either open the Torpedo.dat file and get it from there, or find an example in your upcge file. You also might be date restricted by the torpedo dat / sim file combo, so you might have to edit them with S3D if necessary. But that depends upon your torpedo choice. Also also, if you already started the game, it created a Save folder and files, and the figures are stuck in there, so you will have to delete the Save data, or find the files in the Save folders, and edit those, and that can be an undertaking of confusing proportions...

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Thanks, I've already edited upcge file with simply t1 torpedo but maybe the problem is the save game file, I try to delete and see if finally they change.
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