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Weiss Pinguin
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Pinguin looks over at Nisgeis, with a sad look in his eyes. "I'm sorry, shipmate," he says to him quietly.
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A Very Super Market
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The squirrely little man is pounding up notes as fast as he can. I think I've earned a promotion, with everyone dead and all. He will be the new tower guard.

The entire German garrison of Vanviken, right here in your thread!
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Onkel Neal
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The Single, Slender Thread

Mookie passed by the butcher's shop on the way to Mercy's Inn. He saw Pinguin standing by the entrance, still as a shadow, his eyes fixed on some distant point on the horizon. His U-boot stare, I imagine, Mookie thought.

"Is he inside?" Mookie asked.

Pinguin's eyes slowly turned to the postmaster. "Ja.” His body seemed to age years with that single word.

"Where is your Kapitan?" asked Mookie.

"I don't know, he should be here any minute," said Pinguin. "Where is Penelope? She voted to condemn him, too."

"Her nerve cracked, poor lass. She's shut herself up in the finery store."

Mookie thought. "Let's get this over with. Be on your guard, and remember, Wachoffizier, this is what we all agreed on. Every man gets a vote, and we accept the outcome, regardless of who drew the short straw."

"Shouldn't we wait for Super Market?"

"No, I can't get him down out of that guard tower. It will have to be me and you, mate."

Pinguin nodded. They went inside the tavern. A single figure sat in the corner, shrouded in the gathering shadows.

Mookie walked up to Nisgeis. "It's time, Leutnant. Will you come without resistance?" Mookie's Mauser seemed to suggest agreement was the best choice.

Pinguin stepped up, lowered his Luger. "Leutnant Nisgeis, sir...I think it's best you come with us."

Nisgeis cooly looked from one to the other. He stood. "Of course. I understand. You won't have any trouble from me, gentlemen."

They led him out into the dying light. Soon, what was left of the full moon would once again take dominance in the night sky. There was no time to waste.

Nisgeis walked to the post and turned around."If you wish, I can forgo the usual ropes, I will show you how a U-boot officer dies."

Pinguin and Mookie exchange glances. It would be risky for one of them to tie him up with only one other to keep guard. They nodded.

"Would you like a cigarette, Leutnant?"

"No, thanks, I'm trying to quit," Nisgeis.

Mookie and Pinguin backed away from the condemned man. At twenty paces, they stopped.

"One," whispered Mookie, "two, three--"

Two shots rang out. Nisgeis staggered back a step, his smile became a grimace. Then a snarling leer. His face dropped, and when he raised it, it was transformed, wracked with evil, a hairy and ghastly visage.

"Fire again, mate," shouted Pinguin. They cracked off four more shots. Nisgeis shuddered, and dropped to his knees. Mookie drew the ancient pistol with the silver tipped bullets, approached the creature that was moments before a proud member of the Kriegsmarine, and fired a single bullet into its chest. It shrieked, twisted, and collapsed in the dirt.

Pinguin stepped next to Mookie. "Mein gott, he was truly a cursed one."

They stared down at the still figure. The night shadows enveloped the stricken little village of Vanvikan. The moon shone down with a new light of hope; restful, tranquil, hope.

The long nightmare was over.

A Very Super Market
Weiß Pinguin

Thank you for playing the first SUBSIM Werewolf Hunt! I truly hope each of you enjoyed the competition and had a good time.
Wrapup, post mortem, recaps, and bragging, post here.

Good hunting!


SUBSIM - 26 Years on the Web

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