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Old 01-03-08, 05:43 PM   #16
CDR Resser
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Thanks D. Once again, oustanding work.
In an astonisning announcment, Ducimus, recently retired from modding, has been appointed the official site historian.:rotfl:
I love that USS Darter "Battle Surface" drawing. Hilarious.

Holy Equestrian Order of Saint John Moses
Sometimes, in war, there is an inverse moral. The greater the performance, the harsher the consequence. R.H. O'Kane
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Canadian Wolf
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I'll also add this from

The American fleet submarine may arguably be called the most successful naval weapon of World War II. The aircraft carriers got all the publicity, but it was the submarine fleet that destroyed most of the Japanese merchant fleet, isolating the home islands, crippling Japanese industry, and preventing resupply and reinforcement of Japanese island garrisons.
From America's entry into World War II after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, until the Japanese surrender was signed on 2 September 1945, American submarines were responsible for sinking more than half of all Japanese tonnage. This, despite the fact that the submarine forces comprised less than 2% of the Navy, and spent the first 18 months of the war battling the Navy bureaucracy over defective torpedoes.

U.S.S. Wahoo pictured in July 1943 off Mare Island Navy Yard. Commanded by Dudley "Mush" Morton,
Wahoo was one of the most successful American submarines of World War II. Four months after this picture
was taken she was lost with all hands while attempting to exit the Sea of Japan after sinking four ships for a
total of 13,000 tons. Her wartime total was 60,038 tons.


Back in the Day

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Old 01-03-08, 06:23 PM   #18
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Default Lot Of Info

As always Ducimus your posts are fantastic! Lots of good info in this post and well worth the read. Thanks for all your contributions.
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Old 01-04-08, 08:48 PM   #19
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Dont forget that the U.S. Silent Service was home to the "Champion Submarine Killing Submarine" of WWII, The U.S.S. Batfish sinking three Japanese submarines in under 72 hours, plus another 11 ships.
Below is the quote given when recieving her Presidential unit Citation
"For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese combatant forces during the sixth War Patrol in the South China Sea from December 30, 1944 to March 3, 1945. Persistent and aggressive in her search for vital targets, the USS Batfish relentlessly tracked down the enemy and in three separate, brilliantly executed attacks, launched her torpedoes with devastating speed and skill and demolished three Japanese submarines. By the destruction of these formidable and threatening hostile Fleet units in a single War Patrol, the Batfish contributed significantly to the successful completion of the war. The courage, superb seamanship and gallant fighting spirit of her officers and men reflect the highest credit upon herself and the United States Naval Services."

Battle Flag:


U.S.S. Batfish "The champion Submarine-killing sub of WWII"
Official tonnage: 12,332
Sank 3 subs in 3 days
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Old 01-04-08, 10:05 PM   #20
Eternal Patrol
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Excellent read!
RIP kiwi_2005

Those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others.

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Old 01-05-08, 12:03 AM   #21
Watch Officer
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Absolutely fabulous post you just rock Ducimus
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Ahoy !

- Another US submarine (whos name eludes me at the moment), endured a 48 hour depth charging before the escorts broke off its attack. The captain of this boat, with his sub low on batteries, and oxygen, was seriously considering surfacing and fighting with the deck gun. Thankfully the japanese destroyer broke off its attack before this plan of action was carried out.

I think this was the USS Salmon ... i believe i had seen the story somewhere in the net. If i found the link i post it here

edit: here some links with the story of the USS Salmon. the gunfight was on 30. October 1944.

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Old 01-09-08, 01:28 AM   #23
Watch Officer
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Great post - lots of good reading for a former U-boat Kaleun :hmm:
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Old 01-09-08, 01:52 PM   #24
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Sweet work Ducimus. Thanks for taking the time to do this for all of us.
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Default BZ

Well written - I really enjoy reading concise stuff like what was posted. I know the bulk of you are on the mainland but it is an incredible feeling to walk over to the Sub base, past the chapel that Nimitz helped build, past Lockwood hall, to tour the Submarine Escape tower and gaze out over to Ford Island and see the ARIZONA memorial with the Mighty MO standing guard duty over Battleship Row. The sense of history here is incredible. Damage from the attack is still here on a number of buildings and yet a growing number of our Children do not understand or comprehend this place or the battle that took place here. This week a friend of my Son is visiting from the mainland and we are taking her to visit the ARIZONA. I wish more people would stand apart from the game and realize that History is what caused it to be created - and it is up to the new style of historians to ensure that it remains accurate and it remains a reminder to those who play that real lives were sacrificed in a fight against tyranny.
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Old 01-09-08, 07:49 PM   #26
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Ducimus, you are indeed a person of many talents. The summary was an excellent start for "newbies" but equally enjoyable to the old timers. Well done, as usual.
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Old 01-15-08, 11:56 PM   #27
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Great post!
Where can I find infomation of most successful submarines and commanders of USA during WW2?
Haven't played SH3 or SH4 for months...
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Old 01-17-08, 03:05 AM   #28
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Thank you, Ducimus, for you work and write up.

I've long enjoyed your mod (consistently improving my SHIV experience since the beginning)... and I certainly enjoyed reading your posts.

Best wishes,

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Old 01-17-08, 03:53 PM   #29
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Thank you Mr. Ducimus for sharing! And please keep doing it from time to time, it has been a deeply enjoyable and insightful read!

And, if I may, here go a couple personal remarks, while we wait for chapter 2...

First, this kind of reading has given me, keen as I am for the Atlantische scenario, loads more fun and feeling for my sh4 gaming, so it keeps being great to have you as host while learning more about the pacific scenario (all the TM's, and now this).

I also need to tell you (though you shouldn't give half a damn about this) that since I read this chapter of yours, I now consider you a much nicer guy than I thought before... Having loads of knowledge on a matter, and still keep on dicussing minor and basic things with ill-tempered and clueless fellows around here, require a lot of patience and kindness which I thought you lacked... on a first glance!

Hope this makes some sense, keep it up!!
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Old 01-20-08, 07:55 PM   #30
Sailor man
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Hey Ducimus...

There is on more film to add to your sticky:

Silent Service - Attackplans of WW2
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