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Originally Posted by KaleunMarco View Post
yes, that is a good plan.

occasionally, i run into anomalies while i am playing SH4 that are totally unexplainable.
then i have to give myself my own advice on how to try and fix it.
sometimes, i end up starting from scratch, after running through the lesser fixes.
as we say on De Soud Side: whadya gonna do?

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Originally Posted by HellNY View Post
I recently re-purchased SH4 after a 14 year hiatus! Its been great. But last night on Dec 26th, 1941 I encountered something Ive never seen before. A Convoy that was impossibly large - 51 (yes, fifty-one) Japanese destroyers in 3 lines steaming west near Formasa. I do not recall ever seeing something like this when I played the game in 2008. I wondered if it was a bug it was so big.

I save the game before approaching. Every time I get close the game crashes - at least once I get to periscope depth. I dont even have to raise periscope, it crashes. Its just about proximity.

I am at my wits end. Ive tried "windowed mode," reducing the resolution, and turning off 3D sound channels. Nothing.

The only Mod is that I USED to have Captain Midnights radio mod but I uninstalled it because that *also* caused the game to crash. But since I removed it that problem is gone. WHat I have now is very specific to this convoy.

Does anyone know anything that might help? I cant continue the game now.
Do you use some supermod? (FOTRSU, TMO, etc)?

Did you apply the 4Gb patch?

Good luck!


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