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Default [No Threads Allowed - Post Suspension] Cold Waters Epic Mod 2.12

Due to an ongoing dispute between Epic Mod and the Dot Mod development groups in regards to asset theft among other concerns, it is hereby ordered that discussion of both mods is hereby suspended indefinitely. Threads related to either will be closed non-punitively unless determined to be in direct and deliberate violation of the topic spamming rules.

Furthermore both Epic Mod and Dot Mod are also suspended from consideration for any Mod of the Year contests.

Update from 17 January 2022 - Due to the updates made to DotMod 0.3b4 that have been verified by myself, the restriction on DotMod is being lifted. The restriction on EpicMod remains in place.
Update from 31 March 2022 - Due to Epic continuing to take DotMod material without permission, the restriction on EpicMod continues to remain in effect. Threads about EpicMod will be closed and are not welcome.

Admiral Prower
SUBSIM Radio Room Moderator for Cold Waters
SUBSIM Discord Moderator
Ordered as of 8 January 2022 until further notice
Updated on 17 January 2022
Updated on 31 March 2022
Hi all!

New update for Cold Waters Epic Mod[] has been released.

Changes in 2.12 version:
- Crew experience (test in the USSR Campaign 1984 North Atlantic)
- Fixes of the NATO Campaign 1968, 1984, 2002 (beta)
- Fix artillery of surface ships
- Fix guidance torpedoes on surface ships
- Fix guidance torpedoes on the submarine
- Extension damage to surface ships
- Dates in the corresponding language, etc.

Download removed by moderator order -Admiral Prower

Changes in 2.11 version:
- Different languages are now switchable via config.txt. Credit and our sincere thanks for partial English translation goes to Rokvam and Frank G. Thank you guys! Your work made this mod avaliable to english-speaking players (and actually inspired multilanguage feature development)
Gaps, like campaign briefings filled with auto-translated text.
- Measurment system witchable via config.txt.
- Voiceover switchable via installation option. You can choose Russian or English.
- Some other options(with explanation) in config.txt.
- 3 NATO Campaigns (1968NA|1984NA|2002Global)reworked by Epic (still WIP, but playable), again, inspired by Frank G. and Rokvam's work.
- Traversable border on global map. You can go around the world now. (AI can't)
- Surface vessels are automaticly spawns on 0 depth, so they will not be crushed anymore. Added to Quick Mission.
- US awards are back. Medals miniature number no longer limited.
- Some bugfixes and improvements. US subs now has correct towed array position
- Some info about mod is added to ingame help(shift+F1). That info is in blue color, so it is easily recognized.
- Player moved a bit away from enemy right before battle starts. This is tweakable via config.txt

IMORTANT: Campaign saves are not compatible with previous versions! New game is required!

ALSO IMORTANT: After playing Epic Mod or any mod that adds hotkeys (Skwabie's fo example) you will not be able reassign hotkeys if you return to original game. To fix this you have either to delete \AppData\LocalLow\Killerfish Games\Cold Waters\options.txt or delete all lines with new keys from that file.

Changes in 2.08 version:
- Fix for Wake guidance of 65-76 torpedoes
- Range of torpedoes depending on the mode of run
- Accounting the maximum depth of torpedoes
- Fixes, extensions, and improvements for all Campaigns
- Re-equipment of Soviet / Russian SUBMARINES in accordance with the project
- Close to real tech chars of torpedoes, etc.
- New campaigns (1968|1984|2002) including World Map War Theatre
- Surface vessels campaing (in test-mode)
- And many other things...

How to install
- Install clean version of Cold Waters 1.15 g (if another version of the mod is already installed, then in EpicMod Install.exe roll back the mod, delete the old MODS folder)
- Unpack the contents of the archive to the game folder next to ColdWaters.exe
- Run EpicMod Install.exe, activate the Main mod
- Additional options are available at will
- Run ColdWaters.exe

Have fun!

P.S. Many thanks to To Daniil Smirnov, Ivan Baranov, Oleg Vygovsky, Kosta Martynov, Skwabie, Max Panov, Alexander Krymsky, Lorenzo, Eugene "Ramius", Maria Sklyarova, Nikita Nichagin, Max Safonov, SEMA Ivanov, Dmitry Bondarenko, Rokvam and Frank G for partial translation into English, 「M〤」patrosha and Dot for initial post about 2.072 and to all those who participate in discussions, bug detection and testing of builds!

Work in progress...

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