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[REL] Athlonic's MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD

Athlonic's MCCD "More Crew Commands by Dialog" MOD (for Silent Hunter 5 v1.2.0 Ready)

Version : 1.04
Version : 1.04 MFCM (compatible with Heretic's MightyFine Crew mod v1.2.1)
Released : 14 may 2010


MCCD is a mod to add some (missing) commands by dialog and animations to our officers.
Like : returning to course, depth under keel, stop batteries rechaging, ...

NEW Installation procedure in 2 steps (JSGME ready):

MCCD come in 2 versions, and 6 localizations install only one of each !
Versions, install only one :

- More crew commands dialog vX.XX : The Mod itself, english version by default
- More crew commands dialog vX.XX MFCM v1.2.1 compatible : if you are using the magnificient "Heretic's Mighty Fine Crew mod v1.2.1"

then install a localization if needed :

- MCCD vX.XX FRA : Addon for french version
- MCCD vX.XX GER : Addon for german version
- MCCD vX.XX ITA : Addon for italian version
- MCCD vX.XX POL : Addon for polish version
- MCCD vX.XX SPA : Addon for spanish version

Extract the archive in a folder of your choice,
copy only the desired version (and localization addon if needed) to the MODS folder,
and then activate the main MCCD mod first and then the localization with JSGME (confirm overwriting).
(help for JSGME utilisation here :

For compatibility with Heretic's MFCM : install MFCM v1.2.1 mod first and then the MCCD vX.XX MFCM version of this mod,
then confirm files overwriting.


- it seem's you can install this mod while on patrol without problem, but I still recommand to :
* return to port
* quit the game
* install (or uninstall) mods
* relaunch the game
* reload the "back to port autosave"

- if you install a "MFCM compatible" version without MFCM (or another version than v.1.2.1) installed it will result in a CTD.

- on some occasions when loading a "on patrol" savegame, some speech won't play, this happened even without the mod.
workaround : reload your savegame again, or load an hystorical mission first, seem's to fix this.
Lots of work and testing left to do but it's a start.
Also it's my first try at scripting, so any help or tips would be appreciated.

Thanks to :
- Heretic and Elanaiba for their tips,
- Hansolo78 for german translation,
- Lynx for spanish translation,
- Jaxa for polish translation,
- Mithrandir for italian translation.

Download link :

Change log :

version 1.04 :
- updated german localization for SH5 v1.2.0 compatibility
- navigator now report if weather is improving or changing for the worse accordingly with weather's state.
version 1.03 :
- added a polish localized version
- added an italian localized version
- Radioman :
* maked animations and feedback for radio message reports more realistics (morse code, and pen visible while writing)
* replaced the previous song (useless) gramophone's command by a famous "Das Boot" movie moment
version 1.02 :
Dialog commands added :
- Navigator :
* Report max range at current speed

- Watch officer :
* ability to transfert some Chief's, Radio man's and Nav's orders when on watch
(to preserve the ladder and your knees)

- Radio man :
* send contact report
* send patrol report
* gramophone controls

Cosmetics changes :
- maked dialogs hearable when on watch
- maked the time needed for returning to course a little shorter
version 1.00 (initial release):
- added feedback when issuing orders (speech, animations)
- added a spanish localized version
version 0.91b (beta release) :
- added a german localized version (thanks to HanSolo78 for the translation)
version 0.9b (beta) :
Dialog commands added :
- Chief officer :
* Standard propulsion mode (for all diesel power even with batteries not fully charged)
* Recharge batteries mode

- Navigator officer :
* Report depth under keel
* Weather report
* Return to course

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