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Default The deck gun sequence

I think there is more to it then what we are doing now.
I put some tought in in..

And try to figure out how they did it..

Firing the deck gun is a task that needs some coordination an would be a great addition to wolf pack

Watch this you tube video about the deck gun..

Would be great
1 captain orders the use of the deck gun
2. 1 player removes the barrel cover that keeps the gun dry
(Not removing it will.make the gun stop working after the next dive)
3. 1 player mans the deck gun plus 2 bots wil also climb on to it to help steer it.
4. 1 player has to pick the rounds out of storage and give it to a the first bot crew member who is forming a line wit h other bots in the conning tower (see youtube)

So with some bots you can man the deck gun with to players..
You also could trigger the line of bots when you open the storage for the 88 deck gun shells.
Feeding the bot line 1 shell so the deck gunner can fire over and over...

Does this makes any sense at all??

Further more
The deck gun should have a limited uses 220 or so.

Extra notes

Also I read that the deck gun 88 os not the same as the flak 88..
But that gun could only rotate 3 times before have to circle back becoause of the wires... maybe this type of gun had the same.problem....

I would really like if the deck gun is not stored propperly like with the barrel pointed on 1 side tbat it creates draft/drag and even get the submarine a bit off course..

What do you guys think of tbis idea?
I would love tbat the deck gun is a bit more effort then right now...

Deck gun manouver
Captain on conning tower and using the helm on the bridge
1 sailor mans the deck gun
1 sailor uses shells storage and feeds the shells into the line of bots
1 sailor mans the AA gun and guards the sky
1 sailor to do other task(navigating/manning radio station

Maybe we have to little crew.member to pull this off?

Let me hear your thoughts!

Captain sir Jonkey

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