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Originally Posted by Niume View Post
Awesome work. Any tips how to escpae from planes i cant even surface in biscay in 1943 trying to go to penang

Sorry, I didn't realize you had posted. Planes are tough in this mod. Radar detectors are the key. Until then you are in grave peril. The sim (or mod) doesn't model centrimetric radar, so once you get the Metox, planes are no longer a real threat, as long as you dive immediately. The Metox is available from August of '42. Before then you just have to be alert and quick on the diving alarm. If you're in '43 you should have a Metox and that should give all the warning necessary. Dive immediately on any radar contact unless you know it's ship-borne, like out in the middle of nowhere. If you get under and the hydrophone and radar bearings are the same then it was likely shipborne. Don't take the chance though until you know for certain. You can always pop right back up if you are sure it wasn't a plane. Conduct your patrol when in range of aircraft during daylight submerged. So in the Bay of Biscay you should spend the daytime submerged to mitigate the aircraft threat. If you read this thread you know I was damaged many times and even temporarily sunk once by aircraft. And that sinking was when already submerged, so don't assume periscope depth=safety.

Personally I hug the coasts of France and Spain when trying to get in and out of a French port. Don't know that it makes a difference though.

When I am on the surface and a plane is spotted, I immediately go flank speed and start a turn toward the aircraft, but only partial rudder so you don't bleed too much speed. After a few seconds I crash dive. I feel like the extra surfaced speed you pick up translates into getting under, deeper, more quickly.

In OM rough seas make diving take much longer. The boat gets under quickly in calm seas. Look for your 'diving officer' special ratings and make sure they are in the correct compartments, and spread them out if you have more than one, so that one is always on duty regardless of which watch has the duty.

You need at least 50 meters of water over your boat to be safe from air-dropped ordnance. Keep going at flank until below this depth.
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