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Default [REL] KiUB Kriegsmarine Interface for UBm

This mod has been included by Lurker_hlb3 in OMEGU V300 WITH Patch, and OM Plot v402 so make sure to download his latest versions and patches.

Optional fixes, enable them with JSGME AFTER all OMEGU mods:
- AOB wheel marks remover:
(This removes the green marks that show up when you turn on the AOB finder wheel).

- AOBF and Stadimeter bright buttons:
(On low resolutions, these buttons can be hard to see. I've made them a bit brighter in the OFF status).

Documentation links: this is a big one, 28 MB.

KiUB (or Kriegsmarine Interface for UBm, or "Cube" for short) is a mod that adds TDC and torpedo panels, miliradian marks and an AOB wheel to the Attack Periscope screen.
- it works for any resolution
- no optional files for different types of Uboats (only if you play Type 21 and want to see a correct salvo dial)
- doesn't affect the American Interface
- easy to customise marks and filters (details in the first documentation link)

Many thanks to all that helped me and kept me company during the 3 months it took to make. This thread is open for any question regarding the KiUB interface and the SH4 interface in general. If you make modifications to my image files (which I tried to encourage by making the files themselves as easy to change as possible) feel free to post them here and I'll update this main post, with all credit awarded to the respective modder. Since OMEGU is a big mod, it would be best to have small fixes and visual upgrades here instead of spamming Lurker for updates.

Unlike in SH3 where we had multiple options of campaigns and interfaces, Operation Monsun is THE mod to have when playing Uboats. Because of the simplicity of changing from RFB/TMO and other american side mods using JSGME, I've decided that making multiple versions of this interface for other super mods would be pointless. However anyone can integrate this into any interface (including vanilla, by using the resource files at the bottom of this page).

Making this mod has been difficult and many shortcuts had to be made. The SH4 interface has more hard coded elements and to make a mod that works on any resolution requires a good understanding of the object structure and a bit of planning. My mod should be regarded "as it is", adding new objects or moving/replacing current objects would be very difficult. While I am available for any bug reports, advice and open discussion about using and changing this mod, the main layout is final. The lessons learned are here on this thread and available to all that want to enhance the SH4 interface (and SH5, since they share the same 2d engine).

Special thanks:
- OLC, Hitman, Makman94, h.sie, Joegrundman and Mikhayl for their work with SH3 and showing us what a Sub sim interface should look like.
- again Hitman and Makman94 for their continued support with this mod
- Lurker_hlb3 for actually giving me a reason to make it
- the Subsim community for it's wealth of information and support for the game
- not least, the Ubisoft Romania dev team for making this game as modable as it is

Kit for modders:
WARNING: this is NOT the mod itself, don't be fooled by the folder structure. DO NOT enable this in JSGME. The playable mod is already included in OMEGU.
These are all the files on which I have worked. Since the mod is integrated into OMEGU, to prevent weird situations, I'll offer them as resources here, separately. You can use, modify, integrate, do whatever you want, as long as you don't charge money (or I'll come to your door and beg for some). There's no need to ask me for permission to use them. Go ahead, have fun. A little credit would be nice, but don't bother too much with that either.

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