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Default Seawolf + Modern Weapons in 68

Is there a mod or means to bring a more advanced arsenal back in time and field them against the 1960s Soviets? Namely the Seawolf, Los Angeles, and the weapons they use?
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The campaigns and scenarios are all in text files, that can be edited. Theoretically you could edit a campaign file and copy/paste the Seawolf data from another scenario into a 1960s scenario, I guess.

BUT... I noticed that after I installed this mod:

I could select any campaign and then select any sub. you can start the 1968 campaign and use the Seawolf in it, for a "Final Countdown" type of vibe.

Also, this is the mod that adds several campaigns and scenarios, as well as other nations' submarines. These are the subs you'll be able to use after installing the mod:

Collins Class SS
Oberon Class SS

China (PLAN)
Han Class SSN
Shang Class SSN
Sui Class SSN
Ming Class SS
Kilo Class SS
Romeo Class SS
Song Class SS
Xia Class SSBN

Rubis Class SSN
Redoubtable Class SSBN
Triomphant Class SSBN

Type 209 Class SS
Type 212a Class SS

Sauro IV Class SS
Toti Class SS

Yushio Class SS
Oyashio Class SS

North Korea
Romeo Class SS
Sinpo Class SSB

Ula Class SSK

Walrus Class SS

Akula I Class SSN
Akula II Class SSN
Alfa Class SSN
Alfa II Class SSN
Mike Class SSN
November Class SSN
November II Class SSN
Sierra Class SSN
Sierra II Class SSN
Victor I Class SSN
Victor II Class SSN
Victor III Class SSN
Foxtrot Class SS
Kilo Class SS
Kilo II Class SS
Lada Class SS
Romeo Class SS
Tango Class SS
Whiskey Class SS
Borei Class SSBN
Delta III Class SSBN
Delta IV Class SSBN
Golf Class SSB
Hotel Class SSBN
Typhoon Class SSBN
Typhoon Class SSGN (Conversion)
Experimental Typhoon Class SSBN "Red October" (Conventional Drive)
Experimental Typhoon Class SSBN "Red October" (Silent Drive)
Yankee Class SSBN
Yankee Notch Class SSGN
Charlie I Class SSGN
Charlie II Class SSGN
Echo II Class SSGN
Juliet Class SSG
Oscar II Class SSGN
Papa Class SSGN
Yasen Class SSGN

Hai Lung Class SS

Galerna Class SSK

United Kingdom
Astute Class SSN
Churchill Class SSN
Trafalgar Class SSN
Upholder Class SS
Vanguard Class SSBN
Oberon Class SS
Resolution Class SSBN

United States
Los Angeles (Flight I) Class SSN
Los Angeles (Flight II) Class SSN
Los Angeles (Flight III 688i) Class SSN
Narwhal Class SSN
Narwhal II Class SSN
Permit Class SSN (Early)
Permit Class SSN
Seawolf Class SSN
Skipjack Class SSN (Early)
Skipjack Class SSN
Sturgeon Class SSN (Early)
Sturgeon Class SSN
Virginia Class SSN
Improved Virginia Class SSN
Stingray Class SS
Ohio Class SSBN
Ohio Class SSGN (Conversion)
Ethan Allen Class SSBN
Washington Class SSBN
Nautilus Class SSN

Kilo Class SS

Multi-Nation Submarines
Scorpène Class SS (Chile, Malaysia, India, Brazil)

Special Submarines
Jive Turkey II Class SSN

Check out the Silent Drive on the Red October!

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Default Welcome aboard!

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