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Old 01-24-2013, 05:31 PM   #16
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It appears as though things are happening at SES. The Banhammer has resumed posting on their forum, months worth of spam has been cleared out and there are even dark hints of something in the wind.

Of course none of this is coincidental with Steam and Iron winning the Usenet Gold Medal for 2012:

Steam and Iron Wins Gold

Some mouthpiece of SES shows up on the Wargamer forum denying any connection but after many months of ignoring its own Forums, if anybody wishes to believe there's zero connection I have a bridge for sell them, cheap.

That said, kudos to Mike at SES' tech support for at least responding and attempting to find a solution to the error messages that accompanied attempts to run Jutland. Of course the fact the their own Stormpowered DRM was entirely responsible and the fix was exclusively at their end means that the time and bandwidth used repeatedly re-downloading and re-installing their software was entirely wasted. Anyway' Mike's effort deserves a public thank you so here it is; Thanks Mike.

Perhaps we're at the cusp of seeing some new iteration of SES; one that does not hold its customers in contempt, neglect their own forum for months on end and blow smoke up people's bottoms by insisting that game bugs are really "features" like ships teleporting across the North Sea in the campaigns.

I for one predict same-old-same-old to restart soon enough so come on SES, I dare you to prove me wrong.
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