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Old 11-24-2020, 04:41 PM   #2236
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Originally Posted by Mios 4Me View Post
The powers-of-observation tables have some interesting values apparently. I once surfaced at night under clear conditions in between two CVs in an unusually widely spaced TF and ran at flank for several minutes trying to get into position for a beam spread. Both carriers remained as unknown radar contacts until I began the run-in on the one to port, yet when I switched to bridge view, they were very clearly visible, along with the escorts on their far sides. Submerging as I fired, neither reacted until the torps hit.
yeah, those are really interesting conditions.
how can I get those?
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Silent Hunter 4 1.5 Gold Edition on CDROM
LAA enabled
Dell XPS with 32 GB Ram running Win10

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Mios 4Me
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I wish I remembered the details better, but it's been couple of careers ago or more. IIRC the lead carriers were Akagi and Kaga, moving east, so it may have been one of the Single Missions or a random pre-Midway encounter.

I had a similar situation on the last career in the SBS against Ozawa, but in very heavy weather. I closed on Zuikaku in a surface attack, paralleling until I could get into position, staying just far enough away that I wasn't detected until just before turn-in. Taiho loomed out of the gloom ahead just then and all bow tubes were open, so...

David McCampbell had a quiet June 19th in that reality.

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Let me know if more details would help fix this.
2nd patrol, Tambor from Pearl started Feb. 24 1942.
Zone 4, patrol for 5 days, saved after getting in zone and also about 1 day later(saves OK)

3 days in zone, first targets A midget sub and a Sentaka-Dai Sub. sank the big one, midget acted like DD, circling etc.
Saved, didn't check save at that time, found out later that it comes up with gauges at high noon.
2 days later sank Passenger-cargo freighter, saved.
Next time I played this save and prior save came back with gauges at high noon.
previous saves OK.
Fortsu v1.26p no other mods, Win 7 64 bit. LAA.

Any comments?

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Old 11-27-2020, 01:42 AM   #2239
les green01
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finaly got this download installing it now i'll give it a good try see how i like it
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