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Old 01-21-15, 11:17 PM   #1
Bilge Rat
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Default First Patrol

I just installed SH4 on my new computer, moved from my old laptop.

My first patrol so far has been... interesting.

I decided to go with the Sargo class in the Asiatic Fleet, seeing as I normally go with the S-boat, an ordeal that goes painfully normally.

My first mission was to patrol an area not 30 feet out of Manila harbor, which naturally resulted in nothing. As soon as the rheseus monkey was chased out of the radio office, my superiors sent me straight to the damn East China See.

Naturally I ran into a battleship in the middle of my transit, which turned into a 1 ingame hour game of "When do I suddenly snap to port to dodge a depthcharge at 200 feet?" The battleship finally drew away and I was free to continue.

Seeing as I'd been screwed twice by now the game felt forgiving and gave me a merchant ship. Also as how all my torpedoes had missed, I decided to chase the merchant at about 10 feet behind it continually missing shots until I realized how to command my crew to fire. Then it went up in flames and USS Spearfish signed off until tomorrow.

What do you guys think?
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Default welcome aboard!


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Welcome aboard, steam66!

I would say any first patrol that you live to talk about is a good one.

If/when you ever read about real-life sub patrols, you'll see many came back with empty bags. So it shouldn't be too easy.
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Welcome to SubSim steam
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Welcome to SUBSIM steam

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Makes it all the more worth it when you finally sink something, eh? I've been motoring around the pacific for 2 weeks game time and seen not a ship since leaving Pearl.
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Welcome aboard Steam66!

Now quit playing with your monkey and start polishing the conning tower.
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battleship, beginner, sargo class, sugar boat

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