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Played a Few Hours, so still learning the game. Overall I like it, definitely tons of eye candy, as well as solid simulation qualities.
That said....I DO NOT like how they vocally respond when I order more or less speed! LOL Also It feels like it needs a few more people, maybe not. I would like a "Task window" that lets me know what needs to be done. For instance, pumping water, air compressors charge. Either I do it or I assign an Officer? Seems strange that monitoring bilge levels and Air capacities would be my job. I would expect an Office to "Request Permission to..." To that I would authorize or deny due to tactical reasons. Not a hard gripe just a thought. ))
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I find it kind of odd to direct officers to turn on the compressor and or bilge pump all the time. This should be something assigned once to one of the officers and never needing to worry about it again. Overall, it is a great simulation and will only get better IMO. It appears a lot is in the works. Stay tuned.
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uboat game

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