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Default SBP bug alert: "Defend" tactics at BPs broken

SBP users,

be advised that unfortunately a major bug has been identified in SBP, that is the "defend" condition of battle positions is broken - units with such orders do no embark on the next unconditioned route as it should be once they suffered "moderate" losses, but they never move but stay and fight in place up to the last man standing (making "defend" the same as "hold").

I listed the detailes of my report here:

Volcano meanwhile has tested and confirmed the problem.

This sadly is a real big issue, since it cripples every scenario written which makes explicit use of the characteristic of defend-BPs to let units retreat automatically if suffering losses.

Hotfix is unlikely, I think, since the developement work on SBP is continuosly, and they just cannot extract one limited solution to an issue - the version they work with already is beyond the last versions released to the public. For the next 12-18 months I expect we need to live with this (and some other, thankfully minor) issue.

For the time being, when designing scenarios yourself, be aware of this issue and work around by trying with conditioned routes.

P.S. For a short list of other minor, but obvious issues, here:
None of that is a major problem, thankfully.
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