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Default 1960 Campaign

Hello. I am HobbitJack, and I have been a non-poster here on Subsim for a while. However, I have decided that I will post about my 1960 campaign here along with the "main project page" on Reddit. The following is a copy-paste from what I have posted there.

Version 0.5 has been released; it contains the NATO campaign only, along with the single missions.


Installation: Install Epic Mod into your CW directory, and make sure it loads. Then, merge my ColdWaters_Data with the one added by the EPIC mod. Once this is done, launch the game. Open Unit Reference, and if it loads up and doesn't crash, then you're good to go. Also, the FunPlus(TM) add-on can be added by throwing it in with the rest. It gives both sides "game-y" weapons to make things more...exciting.

Vessel List: Komar, Riga, Kola, Kotlin, Skoryy, Kronshtadt, Kildin, Sverdlov, Zulu, Whiskey, Romeo, Foxtrot, November, Golf, Whiskey Twin Cylinder, Forest, Mitscher, Gearing, Iowa, Essex, Albacore, Barbel, GUPPY, Tang, Regulus, Geroge Washington, Nautilus, Skate, Skipjack
Note: Many ships have "Anti Missile Guns" listed, but they should be tuned down so they can't fire. If you encounter any missile guns shooting, please tell me which class is causing the problem.

Mark 37 Mod 0: Mark 37 without the wire and a worse sensor
Mark 39: Very slow wire-guided torpedo with a speed of only 15 knots.Mark 44: US surface and aircraft-launched ASW torpedo
SAET-50M: Soviet ASuW torpedo, very short range.
SET-53: Soviet ASW torpedo, actually better sensor than the Mark 37 Mod 0
Regulus: US Land Attack missile found on the Regulus-Carrying SSGs.
Regulus ASuW: Epic mod gives the Soviets a non-existent ASuW cruise missile for the Twin Cylinder, so the US Regulus-Carrying SSGs also get an anti-ship missile.
Note that, hopefully, the Anti-Ship missiles for both sides will destroy themselves if you dive or don't have your RADAR mast up.

Fun Plus Addon Weapons:
Mark 38: Canceled dual-purpose torpedo with a range of 10,000 yards and a speed of 35 knots
Mark 16 Mod Fun: A Mark 16 with a wire
SET-53MA: Fictitious modernized version of the SET-53 with triple the range, nearly double the speed, and an increased sensor range
53-61: Wake-Homing torpedo with a range of 16KYD

S-2 Tracker: US ASW aircraft, 2 torpedoes.
Be-10 Mallow: Soviet ASW aircraft, a combination of the Be-10 and Be-6, both of which were in service in approximately equal numbers; 2 torpedoes.
Note: Both aircraft look like the vanilla Be-12

What There is To Do: There are 8 single missions in addition to the NATO campaign; those being 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, and 008. 001 and 002 are 1-on-1 submarine duels. 001 is the U.S., 002 is USSR. 003 and 003 are convoy strikes. 003 is the U.S., 004 is USSR. 005 and 006 involve your missile submarine being attacked by an enemy wolfpack. 005 is the US, 006 is the USSR. 007 and 008 are a "Bastion Break-In" where you have to infiltrate a boomer bastion and sink the SSBN. 007 is the US and 008 is USSR. In addition, the NATO 1960 campaign is now playable.

Epic Mod:
Gameplay Videos:

UPDATE: So, despite the lack of input I have decided to go ahead with making the campaign; expect it sometime in the next few months.
UPDATE 2: A non-stable version of the campaign is now available. It will likely break at every opportunity and you may even see 1968 ships around. However, I'm going to be gone for a few months and want to share what I have.
UPDATE 3: Updated for Epic Mod 2.21
UPDATE 4: Version 0.5, with the NATO campaign only, is now out. Also updated for EPIC mod 2.22 Update 4
UPDATE 4.1: Version 0.5.10 is now out. It updates weapon sprites and gives them new textures to differentiate between different weapons.
UPDATE 5: Updated for Epic Mod 2.24. Sadly, your savegames will require migration. Also, the Soviet campaign is underway, if very slowly.

Last edited by HobbitJack; 10-10-2020 at 11:37 PM.
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Trying to download to play: Click google link and it states the file has been deleted ?
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Yeah, it has been. Iíve taken this down as Iím planning on remaking it from scratch for a new EPIC-Mod-style mod Iím working with, that hasnít really been announced yet. Iím going to delete this thread, probably.
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If you want, though, I can fix it for 2.29 first.
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