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Default Some questions about torpedoes and the TDC

What speed do torpedoes move at?

How far do torpedoes travel before turning?

What offset, if any, is used to compensate for the distance between the aiming device and the torpedo tubes when using the UZO, attack periscope, observation periscope and no aiming device, respectively?

What is the turn radius of torpedoes?
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Torpedoes move at 30 kts in the game, as I recall. They should start turning into designed gyro angle just a few yards after leaving the tube, but then you don't have to worry about it because the TDC factors this delay and their turning radius into the calculation.
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Yes, I know. I want to know the various correcting factors used by the in-game TDC so I can compare with my own calculations.
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First up hello to everyone, this is my first contribution in this forum. I signed up specifically after discovering Wolfpack, and found some great tips and tricks here since then.

But i still have some questions, and maybe later some suggestions.

1. Win condition.
So what specifically is the win condition? The reason i am askind this is because we had at least two games where we could not seem to get a "Mission successful" screen.
First Mission took several hours (5+). We spotted the convoy, got in front of it, layed in the middle of their path in periscope depth and took out 5/6 of the escorting warships. While doing this, and mostly after the escort ships were gone, we used torps to kill some of the merchants. At this point we realised the last remaining escort ship did not get out of its "searching" state. it kept on the searching lights forever und didnt stop trying to "ping" us.
(This was out of the ordinary since they usually stop "pinging" after around 7 mins, and the last searchlights go out after about 10 mins, at least when destroying ships with torps and you not being detected.)
We got to 62k/60k sunk BRT and got more than 10km away from our last known position while surfaced. The last (still searching) escort ship was going in a completly diffrent direction, and was still searching more than 15-20 minutes after us leaving our last known position. At this point we aborted the mission. thats when we realised we only sunk like 58k in merchants, and that was maybe the reason the "mission successful" screen didnt trigger.

Two days later we tried it again, now knowing that we had to sink 60k in merchants only. So we headed straight towards a convoy. It was a foggy mission, max 2300 meters visibility. Still we managed to dive too late and were spotted directly. We killed both incoming destroyers with our torps, and quickly realised the rest of the warships was way off. So we surfaced an killed 3-4 merchants with our deck gun. Fast forward, we located our last needed merchant target, way off from the rest of the remaining convoy, went straight towards it, destroyed it (surfaced, with deck gun) and got away as fast as possible form that position and away from the rest of the convoy. Again we escaped, over 14KM from last know position this time, 20-30 mins after destroying the last merchant and there was still "pinging" going on. Though we had to use gain 9-10 on the hydrophone to hear it. Again, we did not get our victory screen.
At this point i am not sure if the "searching" state on the warships could be bugged in the later parts of the mission, and you can only get a win when they stop searching.
So thats why i am asking, and i hope the context helps you answer my question. What exactly are the winning conditions? The 15/30/60k ONLY in merchants? Them not searching anymore, if so what would be needed for this to happen? Or maybe just us getting distance X between us and the nearest ship?

2.Carriers (And daytime)
I really tried to get a mission in which i would get a convoy with an aircraft carrier thats well guarded. I tried probably ten times. Most often choosing a mission in the later years of the war, because i figured that might increase my chance of getting one. But i wasnt able to get one to spawn in.
While trying this i also noticed time of day can be weird (or bugged). I had a mission at 0300 in december that was almost bright as day and after that i had a mission at 1500 that was a dark but clear night.
So, my question here is what do i need to do to get a high chance of an aircraft carrier spawning? Are they even in the game yet?

And some quick Suggestions:
Choosing Time of Day and maybe weather when in the mission screen would be a simple thing, but greatly appreciated.

Also, at the moment it seems to easy to just "play dead" and get away with it. 90% of our attacks are the same:
We overtake the Convoy, dive into their path, and lay there until one or more ships are within 1000m range. We shoot a few torps, and then just lay there in periscope depth, not moving the slightest bit until they stop searching or are far enough away to surface and do the same again. My guess ist this could be due to the fact that we always kill the warships on "our side" of the convoy. So the remaining warships cant locate us because between them and us are the remaining merchants, but i really am not sure about this. Maybe their active sonar has a minimum depth and so they cant locate us at periscope depth? no idea.

Oh, and maybe include into the manual that the number next to the torpedo tubes status lights means "total torpedos including the ones loaded".
For quite some time i thought that this number was how many torps were left to be reloaded into the tubes.

So, thats it for now. I am sure, as soon as i post this my brain will come up with at least one or two things i forgot but thats it for now.

And sorry for my mediocre englisch, i am no native english speaker.

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Originally Posted by B4dHorse View Post

Eager to know the answers!

(Welcome aboard Captain!)
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Default Welcome aboard!

"Only two things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity; And I'm not too sure about the Universe..." Philip K. Dick
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