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Default SH 4_1.5 Axis Powers Current Campains/Mods

This is a compiled list of CURRENT campaign and game play mods for SH 4_1.5 for the AXIS POWERS.

Too my fellow Kaleuns:
This is my way of giving back to the community since I have no modding skills. I also like to thank fithah4 for getting me involved and helping gather these mods to a easier list to follow from.

Large Super Mods:

[REL] The Game Fixes Only Mod
Webster's GFO Mod v1.1
Webster's GFO_Patch_for_Real_Env_#1
Webster's GFO_Patch_for_RSRDC_v401

[REL] Real Fleet Boat (RFB)

[REL] Operation Monsun (OM)


[TEC] Install Guide for OM / OMEGU and other Mods by Lurker HLB3

Campaign Mods:
[REL] Run Silent, Run Deep - The Campaign (RSRDC)

Atlantic Campaign for SH4 by Beltza & Co. 24 Flottillas ... part01_rar ... part02_rar ... part03_rar ... part04_rar ... part05_rar

Mission Mods:
German sub school Convoy Practice

German Sub school Surface gun practice

Operation Tiger (german)

U-boat Missions Pack (UBM) by Syxx Killer

[WIP] TMO: Nine Delta Two by Ducimus last worked on 2005 read thread

Playable Surface Ships:

Looking for playable HK Atlantis

[REL 1.5] Playable US Small Oiler



(REL) Playable German Commerce Raider "MS Pinguin"

[REL]WIP König Class Dreadnought

WIP Bayern Class SMS Sachsen super dreadnought

Ive converted the Sachsen, the König and my experimental "Ostmark” to A.I. by jhapprich

[REL]BISMARCK now playable!!!!

[REL]KMS Scharnhorst playable

[REL] Playable Battleship Tirpitz V1.0 beta(Operation Monsum)

SH4 V1.5 version :

OP Monsun version:

H-39, H-44, Admiral Hipper, O and P Cruiser:
Karle 94 Shipyard:

[REL] BB Littorio playable


Yamato playable (beta)

[Rel]Fuso Beta 1

[Rel] Kongo Battleship

[Rel] IJN Furutaka for Sea Trials

IJN Maya v1.2


Playable Fubuki Class DD

IJN Depth Charges Y thrower Fix

Playable Surface Ships Mods List

Playable Submarines:



German Type205 Submarine

Kurfürst´s Schnelltauchback for SH IV .... CareerStart_Flotilla_byTheBeast.rar


Type XXVIII Uboat (Fictional) for Silent Hunter 4


[REL] keltos01 - I-Boat Damage Mod v1.3


[REL] Jyunsen B, Kaichu and kaidai IJN mod

[released] IJN Jyunsen B mod v 3.9.x

Keltos' submarines, mods, links, and more

Playable Submarine Mods List

A.I. Ships:

[REL] Ship Pack 1 miner1436


Auxsubchaser & Old Corvette

Myoko and small seaplane tender


11 New Ships + Yamato AA Fix for v1.5

Extra ASW ships for Japan : by Lagger123987

AI I-400/Sen Toku Submarine

[REL] AI launched torpedoes

Textured Skins:
realistic skins : color pictures of IJN submarines and ships(123 )
Found a nice camoflage generator tool free

Merchant Skinpack v1 SH4

War Ships:
[REL] Deutschland class CA High Res Texture set

Karle94 shipyard

MadMax´s SH4 Shipyard

Yamatoforever Shipyard SH4


SH3 env to SH4


Typ VII Skins



[REL] IXd2 skin

[Rel] UBM Type IX D2 High Res Skins

[REL] Silent Skins U-9D2 & U-18
U- 18:

IXB Third Reich paint scheme


Tye 9 U-Boat Iron Cross insignia

Type 9 U-Boat Dazzel With Kriegsmarine logo

Standard U-boat Dazzel

Walthers U-boat Dazzel


Weapons Mods:
Deck Guns:
Shells.dat + Shells.zon Node Numbers in 1.5 v.1.1

[REL] New sounds for the guns

AA light Damage Rework

20mm Oerlikon Gun Sight Mod

Webster's Upgraded Deck Gun for v1.5

Torpedo Mods:

Webster's Improved GE Torpedo for v1.5
Slightly Subnuclear G7a Type I
v 3.8 IJN_torpedoes_Kaiten 3 21

Game Play Mods:

Questions on making a unit German
Alternate OM Loading Screen
[REL] KiUB Kriegsmarine Interface for UBM

Stock SH4_1.5 Upgrades Mod

Early War Type XXI for Op Monsun
Enable Type XVIII Career Start
Enemies of Germany

Rescue Sub
Traveller's Mod Pack
Traveller Mod v1.7 for Operation Monsoon (OM) v7.2

[REL] Silent Fire Elite 1.5.0
[REL] Silent Fire Elite1.5.2

Red Lighting for OM
English Text for Red Lighting Mod

[REL] Submarine Draft and Periscope Depth Mod

[REL] Depth charge water disturbances

Webster's Faster Time Compression Near Land for v1.4 and v1.5
Webster's No U-boat Radar Seen Underwater

Rotation and Position Fixfor German KDB

Recognition Manual Pics RN Part 1

[REL] Smoke & Particles Mod for SH4/TMO

Maps and Navigation:

Kriegsmarine Chart Colour Mod
Patchman's Uber Navigation Charts
Patchman's Über Navigation Charts Zwei
Navigation Map Make-Over for Operation Monsun & OM

German Map Labels v1.0
Jace11's More Map Labels for v1.4 & v1.5
Nav Map Make-Over v2.1
Nav Map Make-Over v2.1 Patch 1
Nav Map Make-Over Add-ons 1.1

US Chart Colour Mod
FJB Navigation Maps
lBlack Map Contacts Mod v.1.1

[REL] SH4 Terrain mod

Navigation Tools:
[REL] Design Instruments
[REL] In-game plot helper (Plotter scale)
[REL] Bigger Better Protractors

3000 Yard/Meter Bearing Plotter Tool
Hi Res Binoculars
Optical Targeting Correction
OTC for RSRDC v550

MaxOptics IV for SH4 1.5
Uboat Full Screen Scopes for RFB

US and U-boat Full Screen Scopes for SH 1.5 stock


Ship Physics:

Ship’s Acceleration Physics
Webster's Ship Manuvering Fix for v1.4 and v1.5
[REL] Ship_Centered_Accuracy_Fix

Graphics Mod :
Ship’s Interior:

British Chrono's
Webster's Smaller Clock Needles for v1.4 and v1.5
Animated Fans (version 1.0)

Crew Message Box v.1.1
New Interface for Uboats

Magnified HUD Dials for v1.5
Magnified Hud Dials for OMv720
Magnified Hud Dials for OM+OMEGU

SH4 1.5 UBoat free cam fix

Ship’s Exterior:

Uboat Tower Emblem (ATO) Paintkit
Dissappearing U-Boat Conning Tower Fix
SH4v15_Stock TurmXVIII_Fix_byTheBeast

[REL] Conus' SH4 Graphic Mods 1.0

Accurate German Flags WWII SH IV
Authentic Flags for SH4
SH4 Flag Replacement

[REL] Historical Prop Rotation Mod
[REL] Historically accurate 4-Bladed propellers for all Subs
"Unofficial" Open Hatch Mod for Type IXD2 u-boat

Type IXD2 Snorkel

Aus SH4 convertierte Japanische Flugzeuge Part2!
For SH4 convertierte Japanese planes!

Uboat Kaptain Office (ATO) Mod
Ceiling Fan Remover

SH4 Randomizer 1.2
Girl in Every Port (Kaluens edition)
A Girl in Every Port

Captain's Desk Photos
Sub Pinups & Pics
Office Window
Office Images
Office Posters

Office Links, Info Boxes, and 50 cal V2.1

Crew Members:
Kreigsmarine ranks

German Officer Hats SH4 1.5
Rank, Uniform & Insignia Mod (R.U.I.M.) v1.0 REGUL
Rank, Uniform & Insignia Mod (R.U.I.M.) v1.0 HI RE
[REL] Real Clothes
[REL] Real Clothes Version_2
[REL] Real Insignia and Uniform Mod (RIUM)

Webster's No Crew Fatigue for v1.4 and v1.5
Crew Cheat v.1.0
Crew Rank Fix
[REL] Eye Patch for Missing Eyes and Staring Crew

Kriegsmarine : 1933-1945
Imperial Japanese Navy : 1900-1945


IJN badges and insigna
IJN Medals :
German Medals:

Environmental Mods:
Improved Stock Environment v3
Improved Stock Environment - Realistic Colors
Improved Stock Environment - New Clouds+Waves
Improved Stock Environment - TMO/RFB
[REL] Real Environment mod (RE)
[REL] Environment 5.0 (Env 5.0)
[REL] Pacific environment 4 (PE 4)

LIving Breathing Ocean
Sailor Steve's SH4 Water
Less Plankton 1.2
Webster's Eliminate Floating Plankton for v1.4 and v1.5

[REL] More Frequent Weather Changes
Lite Fog. Addon for Envirovment Mod
Webster's Smaller Rain v2

[REL] Seafloor mod v1
[REL] Seafloor mod v2
sobers better rock mod SH4
sobers better sand 2 SH4
[REL] High detail lighthouse...
Corrected Oar Colors for SH4
New Large Lifeboat and stuff

Sound Mods:

Das Boot Sound Mod
EAX Sound Simulation SH4
Pacific Sound Mod
Poul-Sound mod for SH4
[REL] Kakemann and ATR-42's Silent Hunter 4 Music FIX
Websters Selected New Sounds for v1.4 & v1.5

Real Depth Charge Sound
Ultimate Aircraft Sounds

Fanfare Mod.7z SH3
SH3 U-Boat Engine Sound Mod
Engin and navigation orders Sh3

Speech Mods:

DBSM SH4 Speech Fixes
[REL] Spax's German Speech Sound Fix

[REL/WIP] speech overhaul
[REL] sh4speech - voice command for SH4
Webster's Missing Voices for v1.4 & v1.5

Radio and Gramaphone:

Radio skin based on Köln E52

Radio Stations & Music
SH4 Randomizer 1.3
Radio Station Manager
Sh4 Gramophone Randomiser

[REL] Intercontinental Radio Pack
[REL] Trans-Atlantic Radio Mod

TarJak's Radio England
TarJak's Radio Deutschland

SH3 Music and Events:
If you want Realistic German WWII fonts

Radio broadcasts and music
[REL] WB's News Network for SH4

Charley and his orchestra 1
Charley and his orchestra 2
Charley and his orchestra 3
Charley and his orchestra 4
Charley and his orchestra 5
Charley and his orchestra 6
Charley and his orchestra 7

German Military Music 2
German Military Music 3
German Military Music 4
Italian Songs of the 1930

Rare Songs part 1
Rare Songs part II
Rare Songs part III

U-Boat Gramaphone 1
U-Boat Gramaphone 2

64 Rare WWII Midi Sequence Songs
Lehmann's International News
Radionews Mod for SH3

SOS Messages
War Radio Mod
WWII Radio Broad Cast 1
WWII Radio Broad Cast 2

WWII Historical Speaches by W. Churchill
WWII Historical Speaches by Hitler
WWII Historical Speaches by Roosevelt
WWII Historical Speaches by J. Stalin

This is the list at this time if I missed something or you would like to add to the list please add your comments.

Capt. Lt. Schneewind

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Default Still under going work

This is just a start of what is to come ,over all I have about 12 to 13 pages that I copied for my interest of mind. All links work and go to discussions and downloads pages.

Capt. Lt. Schneewind

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Originally Posted by CaptLt_F_Schneewind View Post
This is just a start of what is to come ,over all I have about 12 to 13 pages that I copied for my interest of mind. All links work and go to discussions and downloads pages.

Capt. Lt. Schneewind

download link for german dreadnought doesn't work
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Thank-you Bunkerw0808 , post has now been fixed. This is the correct link just checked it out myself.
König Class Dreadnought

I am hoping this is a huge help to others just starting out!!

I will try to post most of what I have off my list tonight ; I will be leaving for vacation 5/29/2013 and will not be close to CPU for up dates.
I will be back after 6/10/2013 to forward all info for captian's use.

Capt. Lt. Schneewind
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Sailor Steve
Really feelin' it.
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You mention RFB but not TMO? GFO?
"Realism is in how you play, not in the game settings."
—Rockin Robbins, Subsim member
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Default Puzzled

You are right I missed the GFO mod wasn't to sure about TMO . I thought this was pacific and U.S. only......Can you play a German campagian in TMO? And if so is there a reverse mod from fleet boat/ U.S. side?

Signing out be back 2nd week in June.

Capt. Lt. Schneewind
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dreadnought still won't work!

I click download and this happens...

[url] 1ee12995c6f2461e126e601ef5a3f0f0569ff16138594a2f1b 165ec34369665246886bad947e7bbd9031439239ed85c70376 8868196086224502f72c38413750b39604d12df94cf0fcd7ca a21bc1fcccce4454012690455db3aa22f63149ecd6f9efff42 0dac814&ext=.exe.:

This happens on gamefront page when trying to download konig or bayern!!!!!

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After trying to download konig 21 times

IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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RFB and RSRD while can be included in the mod list really do nothing for German game play to my understanding so I would not have them in the list when playing the German side of the game.

I really love Operation Monsoon. It is a fabulous mod for playing a U-Boat. I started a new campaign with a type VII and I hope I do not have to wait to long for a new boat. I could use more tubes than three sometimes LOL. I do love the challenge of it all ... and yelling at duds.
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Looking good on the list so far, will be sending you more info on other downloads of I come across.

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Ok I'm still around just have not been active on the forum much. I will be adding more to the list as soon as I can this week.

Thanks for all skippers for stopping by and checking out my thread!
But the real thanks goes out to the modders that made the game more enjoyable!

Capt.Lt. Schneewind
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This should be a sticky
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I know this is old post but still Please update traveller mod for Opeartion munsun and Omega i heard what where is version on traveller mod for OM and OMEGU
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