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Looking for Mission Suggestions

Hey fellow skippers and otherwise;
I'M BACK! After finally getting back to playing, and learning how to use Mission Maker again, I'm looking for some ideas! ADWF, my old mission, is going to be off the slate as I feel the issues I found were not worth fixing, and I've developed some new techniques (and found out how to make missions JSGME-compatible) that I hope will keep you astounded! So drop by and leave me your ideas!

Best Regards,

The Historic Mission String 2013
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A mission to recon Tokyo Bay.

Start at San Francisco, April or late march 1942. USS Copperfin(fictitious) GATO CLASS

Objective one: Resupply in the Aleutians. (there must be Japanese air cover in this area and with any luck they will try to kill you)

Objective two: Reach Tokyo Bay

The following is the mission after that point.

Must have a few escorts in the bay actively searching for submarines.

Must enter Tokyo bay.

Must pass through a minefield.(Before the narrowest point and before the turn westward)

Must pass through a sub net.(At the narrowest point in the mouth of the bay)

Must insert commandos. (By April 15th)

Must sit quiet in the bay for 24 hours to wait on the commandos to return.

Pick up commandos. (Night of the 16th or between 0000 and 0300 of the 17th)

Noon 17th there must be an increase in escorts in Tokyo bay to simulate that the submarine has sent a radio massage which was heard by the Japanese.

American bombers attack Tokyo.(Doolittle raid-Must occur on April 18th)

Capital ships begin to leave Tokyo Bay due to bombers. Lots of escorts and there must be Carriers exiting the net and minefield at 20 knots. It must not zigzag near the net or in the minefield but can after exiting that area.

Exit Net.

Exit minefield.

Sink one Carrier
Sink one escort

This is an idea from the movie Destination Tokyo with Cary Grant.

Destination Tokyo

Name the mission for the Movie
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