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Default [REL] Animated Fans (interior)

Animated Fans (version 1.0)

© 2007-2008 skwas. All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Distribution, commercial use and or
(re)selling of this package are prohibited. Developed in 2007-2008 by skwas,
a game enthusiast and ubergeek )


This mod adds animated fans to the interiors of all US submarines. Note that some control rooms have 2/3 fans, and some conning towers have up to 2. I therefor made a selection and didn't animate all of them, to avoid too much CPU load and also because I liked to keep some fans static (turned off).



Stock SH4 1.5 (UBM) release -
TMO compatible release -
RFB 1.5x has this mod included.


1. Extract to MODS folder.
2. Install with JSGME. With the TMO version, install after TMO.
3. Run game.


The title of this mod tells you which game version/other mods (if any) it is compatible with. Since I modified the interior files of all US submarines and also the SH.SDL file, conflicts may and will occur when other interior mods are installed on top. This may result in the animations being disabled again. In essense you should not install any mod that also modifies the interiors over this mod as this will disable the animations. Also, sound mods that modify the SH.SDL may cause CTD's if the fan sound entry is removed or vice versa.

Do not install an incorrect version of this mod either on other interior mods. This may lead to yet more CTD's. If in doubt, drop me a line.

If you play the stock SH4 v1.5/UBM game, get that version. If you play with TMO, use the TMO version. An RFB release will not be provided as it will be included in a future RFB patch directly.


See further down the thread.


Version 1.1 - 29-09-2008:
  • Some fans had an incorrect material assignment. This didn't cause any
    critical problems, but the affected fans weren't accurately rendered.
  • TMO-version: The Gato CR fan was assigned a material that did not exist.
  • TMO-version: The map on the table in the Salmon CR had incorrect UV-data, causing incorrect rendering of the map. (note: this was the original object from which the static fan was removed)

vickers03 = for making the TMO version of this mod.


Ubi = for the original model that I split in two
jrex53 = for the idea.
LukeFF = fan sound file / testing


Apart from the disclaimer in the header (which is directed at commercial use), anyone can use, modify and redistribute this mod, as long as it's free, non-commercial and the original readme is included. Have fun!

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