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Mr Quatro
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Default For only $2,499 you can have the latest graphics card

I hope it at least has free S&H

Nvidia’s latest over-the-top graphics card, the Titan RTX, goes on sale later this month for $2,499, delivering real-time 8K video editing thanks to 24GB of high-speed memory and 1770 MHz overclocked GPU, the company announced Monday

pla•teau noun
a relatively stable level, period,
or condition a level of attainment
or achievement

Lord help me get to the next plateau ..

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Sailor Steve
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I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos on computer building, and I've seen that one among others. You know you can use two of those in crossfire/SLI mode (with games that support that sort of thing). In fact if you're careful you can build a truly righteous PC for as little as $26,000.!341014954975!

Of course they do make much cheaper models ($4,000 range), but this one comes with Linux pre-installed!
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