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Default U-Flak Queen Drag Mod for GW v1.1 [MOD RELEASE]

U-Flak Queen Drag Mod v1.1

by VonHelsching

Fellow Kaleuns,

The stock game does not distinguish a U-boat with or without extra flaks, performance-wise. This mod does.

This mod is the alter ego of the Deck Dun Removal Mod. Using educated guesstimated figures it models the amount of underwater drag posed to your U-boat by the addition of a large conning tower with flaks that have a protective screen for the crew or even worse the real McCoy, a U-Flak configuration.

Now you your U-Flak queen of the flotilla will be a bit slower underwater (by 0,2-0,3 knots depending on uboat type) and less agile (+3% turning radius and a fraction of a second slower to dive). Adding of super-flaks and extra large conning towers now come with a price.

For the VII series (VIIB, VIIC, VIIC/41 and VIIC/42):

Dive time: <0,5 second more
Turn Radius (R): ~134m, 3% more
Underwater speed: - 0,3 kn

For the IX series (IXB, IXC., IXC/40)

Dive time: <0,5 second more
Turn Radius (R): ~152 m , ie 3% more
Underwater speed: - 0,2 kn

For Typ IXD/2

Dive time: <0,5 second less
Turn Radius (R): ~155 3% more
Underwater speed: -0,2 kn

This mod should be used when having both the deck gun installed and a power anti-aircraft configuration. If you choose to remove your deck gun, then the stock / GW u-boat model will be just about right, since the removal of the deck gun will offset the drag posed by the addition of extra flaks. Bear in mind that I am not trying to be realistic, just conservative; The changes in the U-boat's performance are really subtle; just enough to give the Kaleun the feeling that "something" might have changed by upgrading to a new conning tower.

I leave the player to decide when to install and when not. This mod works on an honor basis. No cheating will be tolerated by the BdU, though.

The mod is JSGME compatible. Just unzip in gour MODS forler and enable via JSGME.

This modlet / fix includes by Real Battery Life for GW fix (plus XXI batery fix), and should be always applied after them.

Download Link:


As they say, beware of Greeks bearing gifts so:

1) Surface turn radius is also affeced by this mod. The change is so subtle, so that you will not notice it anyway.

2) This is not by any means an attempt to model a 1000 more "features" of the game regarding the physics of the u-boat once a component is added or removed from it or weight (related to torpedos fired), weight from remaining fuel etc.are *not* modelled.

Have fun with this great game!


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Wow that's pretty nifty!

Kudos mate!
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I need to find this mod.
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Originally Posted by Anvar1061 View Post
I need to find this mod.

I've never heard of that mod.

But if you search for a Uboat-Cruiser,then go to my archive and take a look into the MushMartin or Captain von Keldunk folder.

The Keldunk Mod is a interesting one.Type 9B Boat with 2 Deckguns on the Hull and VIIC/4 Coning Tower,armed with 3 Flak Guns.

MushMartin had made a different one,a second Deck Gun on the Coning Tower.
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