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Old 05-29-2019, 10:18 AM   #1
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Default Concerns as a modder (file structure)

Seeing how the few mods already out are made, it gets me thinking:
Too much different things goes into large single files. This is clearly very VERY BAD practices for making a game mods friendly.

that's very soon going to make mods conflicts a living nightmare as number of mods are growing For now, it's not much of a problem...

But soon, countless mods will have to be merged within another if you don't want to lose each last one as you install a new one which will inevitably escalate the numbers of potential conflicts each time, users will have to be extra careful with their backups if they don't want to be trapped in a maelstrom of untraceable CTDs (a la GTA V). Not only that but it's going to be hell on Earth when users will inevitably want to build their own mods menu.

Ragtag, for example, already had to merge his own work with Vostok's one. How is it going to be when there will be tens of mods? How is it going to be if someone wants only a selection of 11 of the several dozens mods that will ineluctably modifies ressources.asset? Will you have to do dozens of separate installs to catter to anybody? How is it going to be when a modder doesn't want his work to be integrated via someone else's work and thread, who already integrate tens of other mods since it happens to be the most downloaded mod at the moment, and dozens of modders have the feeling that only one modder incidentally reaps most of the congrats (yes, modders do have egos sometime )

Unless there's a "simple" merge tool from the devs (feels something complex like OpenIV for GTA more like, I'm afraid), who otherwise stated they wanted the game to be very modders friendly, this is quickly going to be hell on earth and mods will constantly have to be sacrificed as time goes by and new ones appears on the scene.

A game that wants to be as moddable as possible should ALWAYS stick to the much more practical rule of "One asset=one separate file readily accessible". Large packed files is a recipe for disaster...

Is it an inevitable consequence of working with Unity?

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Default optimisation

Yes I am of this opinion for my part I think it is too early to modder we must wait for the devs rules the current problem because the optimization is not yet appointments plus there are certain things in the gameplay that me do not like it too much!
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Old 05-31-2019, 04:46 PM   #3
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My thoughts coming into this as a unity dev, is there is nothing wrong with the file package format. You are just using it wrong!

I will post a tech post on how to properly mod this game right now, as the state of you guys just distributing the raw archives like this is not ideal. There are far better ways to mod unity games.
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Keep in mind that we are not only getting the SDK but steam workshop to
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