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Default Submarine strategy game

I've had this idea for a submarine strategy game in my head foe years. Something I'd really like to play myself. Essentially a strategy level submarine game, the first covering the US campaign in the Pacific where you the player takes on the role as COMSUBPAC (or a derivavtive of that role as I imagine it would be a much more hands on approach in the game compared to IRL.

You essentially command all the US boats in the Pacific and send them on patrols or special missions in accordance with directives received from above. Set patfrol zones, assign and re-assign commanders and promote aspiring young officers to command positions if they distinguish themselves. Several layers of fidelity, one "cheat-mode" where you always have a detailed position of your boats or a more realistic one where positions are estimated on projected tracks or updated as the boats radio in results or sightings or intercepted Japanese radio transmissions detail submarine attacks.

Would this be a viable idea you think? Enough to keep interest in the player?
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Old 02-20-18, 06:56 AM   #2
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i love the idea of it - i dont think there is anything like that, it could work also for the Atlantic theater too at least up until the Allies pretty much figured out all the uboat locations/enigma and all that.
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Old 02-22-18, 07:45 AM   #3
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Hi, I too favor this for ww2 Atlantic. There ahve been boardagmes based on this but we need a pc version

See here:

Only thing I wold recommend is a nice map with frindly user interface and icons. Similar to panzer corp for units.
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Old 03-29-19, 11:45 AM   #4
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I know this post is from two years ago but i started creating a game you asked for. Details are here:
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