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Holly crab, how much lamentation here

Originally Posted by swellfella
A guy who lives too much for my own well being in the land of near nod--my imagination--who simply cannot get enough of the notion of saltwater, high seas, and cracking gulls, Rising Tide is the most immersive, spell-binding, virtual reality gaming experience I've lived in to date. The Graphics, the top of list of hypnotic enducing features for me, are simply...spell-binding (incidentally, any version other than Int. Gold, [Black-label], I find cartoonish, and, simply will not play. Peroid.] The mood, music, sound, and genius of ship design and gameplay, pull me in, hour upon hour. I have two copies, a backup in case of catastrophe (sp), and am waiting as gleeful as a child for the update (and am willing to send in another 10 spot if it would hurry things). You don't like it. I don't understand. But then I don't have too. Neither do you have to understand my devotion to The Tide. After all, I can't even swim.
Personally I guess I am one of the guys who runs away screaming when a game just remotely smells arcadish. So I passed on ERT. However I have tried one of the early demos and the poential was immediately tangible. This was the first game where I had this distinct feeling of being trapped on a small shell, where the sea had this intimidating feeling, reminding you how much your life depends on that small boat. The immersion was great! I especially liked the degree of control that you had over the ship, with seperate thrust control and such where you could aid the turn.

I guess I should give it another try. Is it still in the shelf somewhere ? Without starforce maybe ?


Well said, but I just wish TAG would have went straight ahead to create a SHIII instead. Cause companies go out of business regularly and you never know if there would be a second chance. Personally I learned that it is better not to hope too much for things getting better. I made just too many bad experiences with that and many others just as well, so people will rather resort to badmouthing. It's hard to accept that your wish is not going to fulfill itself.

I can certainly understand that many people are upset about ERT, it has just to much potential to be wasted for an arcade sim, now that is inciting, at least for the hard core player. I think nothing can anger a hard core simer more than a game with a great potential for a hard core sim, in that he has put his hopes and expectations in to, that is then being "wasted" for something rather arcadish.

But on the other hand there are of course a lot of people who like it because it is what it is. I guess you cannot satisfy everyone.

If TAG had the intention to go into a more hard core direction later, like SHIII then they maybe should have communicate this to the audience unmisstakeble and early on. I think all the badmouthing is just their way to try to move TAG to make a hard core sim or it is just retaliation for the missed opportunity. Since a good hardcore sim was overdue since a long time, naturally many players have put their hope into ERT that didn't fullfiled itself and then they went nuts.

Thanks for the clarification EAST!

This is so unfortunate. You guys would have deserved a better faith than this!

But how does it continue for you guys now ? Do you want to pull out another project ? Is D6 still going ?
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Well, once we recover from all of this...

Deep Six will keep going and ultimately see the end, but its most definitely not a simulation. I love sims and I love the genre, I can't see ever leaving it.
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Snow White Sorrow
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Command simulation focusing on immersion and decision-making over technical realism? Now why do I think this will be a worthy purchase? (if I can find one)

I note the comments on realism but refer to IL-2 Sturmovik (flight sim); it's not even 70% realistic in terms of flight modelling and historical aircraft performance but the sense of immersion from the unique 3D engine, that gave proper speed, depth and sense of flight, worked magic.
"A spoken word is a fired torpedo"
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Default Enigma Rising Tide Gold Edition

I just downloaded a copy of the ERT ISO from and installled it
yesterday. I'm running Windows 7. I had Danger From The Deep on the laptop but took it off and uninstalled it. ERT totally blows DFTD out of the water!!!
I have Action Stations! Gato, Silent Service 1 and 2, Up Periscope and Wolfpack running on Defend Reloaded. I also have SH1 and CAOD running, both from AW sites. CAOD actually runs under Windows 7 fine. I look for simulations that are generally considered accurate and have scenario editors like SH2 or Wolpack I did buy a copy of Janes i688 Attack Sub too at a used book store! Although ERT has some elements of War Fiction built in, I find it is actually more complete than Danger from the deep. The sounds are better, the gameplay is better and graphics are better too. I
tried a copy of Silent Hunter 2 from a AW site but ended up deleting that too. I put a copy of ERT on a thumb drive for my son to play.

Christopher Tarana
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