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Old 08-16-17, 02:13 AM   #76
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im confused. so in order to play this campaign, do I now download and install both the Campaign mod and the Russian playable submarines mod? or just the playable submarines mod?
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Old 08-16-17, 03:58 AM   #77
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playable Subs mod is enough.

68 and 84 campaigns for Red and Blue is included
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Old 11-04-17, 11:25 PM   #78
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Originally Posted by aaken View Post
Just to inform that the soviet campaign has been merged with playable russian submarines mod. Further updates of the campaign will be in the playable russian submarines mod (addition of Royal Navy shipping and submarines etc).
The campaigns allow to choose all playable units, included newest generation russian submarines. Also the mod has been balanced especially with respect to noise levels.
Hope you enjoy.
aaah, good to know !
i was just wondering if it was always possible to play them both together since last update of the game as i did before.
thats very sensed u merged with russian subs (y)
(i will download that one only then)

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Old 11-04-17, 11:50 PM   #79
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Very Nice! Keep up the good work!
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Old 11-05-17, 01:44 AM   #80
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Default awesome work !

all settings & menus infos reworked are great (!t was necessary since long)
and 6 campaigns now... its just, GORGEOUS ! lol <3

best news ever u mixed both mods together, it looks really good !
its a real reference for CW (about that, may change name of this mod now, and find something more revelant as tittle, since u merged both together... call it maybe "Calypso mod" for exemple ; or anything personalized to mark it clearly... coz ur both mods deserve to be known as a necessary part of the game to install now, i think !).

so glad, i loved already both on previous version of CW, but it wasnt yet optimized as it is, its like playing a full consistent CW2.0, trully !

just some questions more:
- could we have in summary statistics of campaign a line refering all times we have been sank & rescued ?
i would like to have that, on long term campaigns its usefull and a major info of own performances, etc (as i play "full realism challenges" in campaigns, i would like to see that on personnal stats ; FRC = without allow me to restart last mission if dead of captured, then need to restart from start the campaign if its the case, etc)
so, do u thnk its possible to add for next version of ur mod ?
(or maybe convince devs to add with in vanilla datas ofc)

- and last, BIG question & missing actually:
will there be MP games later ?
is it doable on CW base...? i dream to be able to play vs humans in many offensive/defensive scenarios (always driving subs only, but escorting fleets vs others human players, etc, etc), it could be awesome !
but i am not really sure its realist to wait that, such the game has been thought for SP till here...
what u think about ?

thx again for both mods, its trully a F*CKING nice work !

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Old 01-02-18, 05:37 PM   #81
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Default Campaign lets me

select red then a sub but it doesn't give me any actual mission, just cast off and all the icons but my sub freeze
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Old 01-06-18, 11:52 AM   #82
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Same problem here. I chose the sub, get no mission nor access to weaponary and gameplan fronze.
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Old 04-11-18, 06:16 PM   #83
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Default mod problem

I'm having the same problem with this mod and the soviet sub mod.

Install the mods (override directory, next to "default" directory)

Game starts, I can pick a sub, but upon start there is no "mission" and on the strategic map my sub can move, but everything else (aircraft/fleets) are frozen.

What am I doing wrong?

This is for a steam install.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cold Waters\ColdWaters_Data\StreamingAssets\ where default lives and I copy override.
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Old 04-18-18, 10:07 AM   #84
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I have the same problem
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Old 05-01-18, 02:42 PM   #85
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Hallo zusammen,

sadly if i start a campaign (68 or 84) i receive no mission and the game instantly freezes. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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