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Default Soviet Campaign (North Atlantic 1984)

Fellow subsimmers,

here is the beta version of the Soviet Campaign.
It now includes both 1984 Campaign (you will find it in the campaign menu as North Atlantic Red 1984) and 1968 Campaign (North Atlantic Red 1968)

Link for download:

To install, unzip the file, copy the override folder in you Cold Waters install path (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cold Waters\ColdWaters_Data\StreamingAssets).

Here is the main information:

Soviet Campaigns (North Atlantic Red 1984 and North Atlantic Red 1968)

The mod is an attempt at making 1984 and 1968 campaign playable from the soviet perspective.
Due to current (as of 1.05b version) lack of NATO surface ships, a few surface ships have been created and adapted using soviet ship 3d models.
Playable submarines:
* wp_ssbn_typhoon
* wp_ssgn_oscar
* wp_ssgn_charlie1
* wp_ssgn_charlie2
* wp_ssgn_echo2
* wp_ssn_sierra
* wp_ssn_alfa
* wp_ssn_victor3
* wp_ssn_victor2
* wp_ssn_victor1
* wp_ssn_november
* wp_ss_kilo
* wp_ss_tango
* wp_ss_foxtrot

Added NATO merchants (based on wp_vt_boris_chilikin, wp_vt_dubna, wp_vt_kazbek, wp_vtr_amguema, wp_vtr_andizhan, wp_vtr_andizhan_mod, wp_vtr_yuniy_partizan, wp_fv_trawler models):
* usn_vt_fleet-tanker
* usn_vt_small-fl-tanker
* usn_vt_oiler
* usn_vtr_transport
* usn_vtr_cargo
* usn_vtr_cargo_mod
* usn_vtr_small-cargo
* usn_fv_trawler

Added USN units:
* usn_bpk_perry (based on Kashin model)
* usn_bpk_knox (based on Kashin model)
* usn_bpk_spruance (based on Udaloy model)
* usn_bpk_adams (based on Kashin model)
* usn_bpk_farragut (based on Kashin model)
* usn_bpk_garcia (based on Kashin model)
* usn_takr_essex (based on Kiev model)
* usn_ssn_los_angeles_688i
* usn_ssbn_ohio (based on Narwhal)
* usn_ssbn_ethan_allen (based on Skipjack)
* usn_ssbn_washington (based on Skipjack)

Added USN aerial units:
* SH60 Lamp (based on Helix model)
* SH3D Sea King (based on Helix model)

Added weapons:
* MK-46 torpedo
* MK-50 torpedo
* P6 Shaddock
* P70 Ametist
* P120 Malakhit
* P500 Bazalt
* P700 Granit

* US submarines signatures have been added.
* Soviet submarines have, mostly, the weapon load-outs of the original game, with the exception of VLS equipped submarines (Oscar and Typhoon). Where changed, the changes were done based on information available on
* Knox class FFG is equipped with 2 mk-42 guns, 4 mk-46 torpedo launchers and 2 ASROC launchers (4+4 missiles), 4 CIWS gun install, 1 LAMP helicopter, chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-26 A/P sonar, AN/SQR-18 TA, AN/SPS-10 radar
* Perry class FFG is equipped with 2 mk-38 guns, 6 mk-50 torpedo launchers, 4 CIWS gun installs, 2 LAMP helicopters, chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-56 A/P sonar, AN/SQR-19 TA, AN/SPS-49 radar
* Spruance class DDG is equipped with 2 mk-45 guns, 2x3 mk-46 torpedo launchers, 2 ASROC launchers (4+4 missiles), 2 Tomahawk launchers (4+4 missiles), 4 CIWS gun install, 1 LAMP helicopter, chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-53 A/P sonar, AN/SQR-19 TA, AN/SPS-55 radar
* LAMP helicopter is equipped with AN/APS-124 radar, AN/AQS-13 A/P dipping sonar, 3 mk-50 torpedoes, depth bombs, active & passive sono-buoys
* Farragut class destroyer is equipped with 2 mk-42 guns, 6 mk-46 torpedo launchers and 2 ASROC launchers (4+4 missiles), CIWS gun install, chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-23 A/P sonar, AN/SPS-10 radar
* Charles F. Adams destroyer is equipped with 2 mk-42 guns, 4 mk-46 torpedo launchers and 2 ASROC launchers (4+4 missiles), CIWS gun install, chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-23 A/P sonar, AN/SPS-10 radar
* Garcia class destroyer is equipped with 2 mk-33 guns, 6 mk-46 torpedo launchers and 2 ASROC launchers (4+4 missiles), chaff, noisemaker, AN/SQS-26 A/P sonar, AN/SPS-10 radar
* Essex class ASW carrier is equipped with 2 mk-38 guns, CIWS gun install, chaff, noisemaker, 14 SH3D Sea King helicopters, AN/SQS-23 A/P sonar, AN/SPS-10 radar

Each US unit has its own sensors, but no claim is made on sensors realism.
MAD detection range has been lowered to 500 yards, in config file.
Noise levels of all units has been adjusted (see database in excel sheet) in an attempt to make the sim more balanced yet realistic.

Playable submarines in the 1984 campaign are:
* Victor II
* Victor III
* Alfa
* Sierra
* Oscar
* Charlie I
* Charlie II

Playable submarines in the 1968 campaign are:
* Victor I
* November
* Echo2
* Foxtrot
* Charlie I

Main campaign scope is to cut off North Atlantic sea lanes.
Current mission types for player unit are SSN_Wolfpack, Resupply_Convoy apart of the usual (hardcoded) RTB and SSBN_Patrol.
Current mission types for enemy units are SSN_Patrol, Resupply_Convoy, ASW_Patrol

Credits: CaptainX3 for original model of Typhoon, Oscar and Los Angeles Improved with VLS, P500 and P700 missiles, Mk50 torpedo and soviet weapon sprites.

ver 1.0 first release
ver 1.01 second release

- Merged files changed with version 1.05b.
- Temporary fix for asroc bug, with ship firing asroc but torpedo not dropping and missile circling over drop point. Apparently torpedo drop from missiles is hardcoded so Knox and Spruance class units will shoot ss-n-14 silex with range revised to meet asroc range. Silex torpedo has been changed to mk46.
- Slight adjustment to sonar parameters for US surface ships and helicopter
- Fixed ownship invulnerability bug

ver 1.01b hotfix1

- Fixed unsinkability of Perry and Knox frigates

ver 1.01c hotfix2

- Fixed Charlie2 bug that cause the game to crash upon selecting it

ver 1.02 third release

- fixed several errors in 1984 campaign and added 1968 campaign

ver 1.03 fourth release

- Reduced height of ownship icon on Condition display. Now bottom of ownship indicates depth of your boat
- Fixed problem with Charlie 1 and Charlie 2 damage control panels not showing
- Added missions to locate and sink Carrier group in both 1984 and 1968 campaigns

ver 1.03a hotfix

- created distinct models for early ASROC, firing Mk46 mod1 torpedoes and late ASROC, firing Mk46 mod5 torpedoes
- early ASROC associated to Farragut, Garcia and Charles F. Adams class destroyers, late ASROC associated to Spruance and Knox class escorts
- created late Essex class ASW carrier model for 1984 campaign, identical to Essex class ASW carrier but equipped with SH-60 helicopters instead of SH-3D
- adjusted warhead weight of light weight torpedoes.It will require more hits from Mk46, Mk50 and UGMT-1 to kill a submarine. Adjusted warhead weight of Soviet torpedoes and missiles
In case you want to let me know about bugs, please post here or send me a PM.


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