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gear 688(I) and Sub Command Mod Packs


I'm sure that you've all noticed over the years that this scenario plays itself out over and over:

Person A: "Hey, does anyone still have X for $Insert_Game_Name$ ?"

Person B: "Yeah sure, here, let me put it up on my webspace or on a random download server like Mega.NZ"

<five years pass>

Person C enters the thread and gets excited.

Person C: "The link doesn't work anymore!"


Person C: "Hey, does anyone still have X for $Insert_Game_Name$ ?"

A Potential Solution:
Might be with the Internet Archive. It's funded by a foundation and they seem to be relatively durable; so they're the closest thing to archival on-line storage we might see for some time.

With that in mind, I've been slowly working on a project for the last month to quasi bring back the old scenario archive back from the dead -- and that's morphed into a general archiving program for old game mods and such.

I've preserved some 688(I) and Sub Command mods (including the elusive to find SCXII mod for Sub Command which was hosted only at Bill Nichols' site (now gone).

The links are below.

(information page)
(download page)

NOTE If any of you have the "SUBMARINE WARFARE DIVISION LIBRARY -- Over 200 custom missions from Bill Nichols and the VNC." for 688I, please contact me; as that file is long MIA.

(information page)
(download page)



Added Dangerous Waters
(information page)
(download page)

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Ah, SCX, that takes me back! I remember doing research for DeepSix over the shape of the Collins boat. So many hours spent on Sub Command!
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