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Default WWII Submarines, general

I'd like a book about the submarines that were used in WWII, a sort of encyclopedia of submarines, that includes just about all major subtypes made and operated at that time. I've found books that include some of these, but they are books about submarines in general, so they just cover the most important and famous WWII sub types, because they also cover pre-WWI subs, WWI subs, interwar subs, post war subs, etc. Does anyone know of a book (preferably with lots of pictures and diagrams) that gives info on sub types but is just about WWII?

Also, I'd like a book like that about post WWII subs. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sailor Steve
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Ask and ye shall recieve. This book covers all subs used in the Second World War:
I have a copy and it's the best general coverage book there is.

I don't know of a similar book for post-war. Sorry.
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Old 12-04-2006, 09:50 PM   #3
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that looks exactly like what I'm looking for--thanks!!!
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I snagged a copy of that at your suggestion. Simply fantastic reference. Thanks!
~Rob Theriaque
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