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I recently got silent hunter. I have played alot of cold waters and got Uboat for more depth. I stumbled across silent hunter and I am really liking the depth. I am looking for some mods to help fix bugs and expand some of the games content. I got the wolves of steel mod but I felt as tho it changed too much, mainly I liked the old map (with all contact markers disabled of course) and it added some weird stuff like 'space' launching torpedoes even if you were just walking around your sub.

Does anyone know some good mods that mainly fix bugs, polish the edges and expand and improve rather than overhaul?

Lastly, does anyone have a stinking list of the lengths of the ships in the game?I want to be able to estimate speed using the periscope but I cant because it doesnt give that information. Also, is there a way to pull up the stop watch whenever, that is also needed for estimating speed.
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If your still using TWOS - press E to go through all the extra documents provided in the pop up window. be aware when the window pops up there is more hidden by scrolling down. There is 2 or 3 charts in that window for ship info but if you look to the left of your screen when you press E, you will notice a little semi circle appear on the edge. you can drag this out and its the main recognition handbook that has filters in it.

Press O for chronometer to appear. you can right click the chronometer to have speed overlay on it. you can double click it to show a stopwatch alarm clock.

Press F1 to display all the hotkeys for everything else and be aware you can hold shift after pressing F1 to show hotkeys that need shift +

If your looking for a different mega mod you should take a look in the mega mod downloads section.
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Default Welcome aboard!

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Thank you for your help
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