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Default Creating New Radio Station

Greetings all! My first post, and my first attempt at modding for Uboat. I figured I'd rather start simple until I can get the gist of it, especially as I'm a newcomer to Unity.

My aim is to create a new radio station. I've discovered how to add custom music - which is great, but I would like to create a whole new entry (in addition to Radio La Rochelle and Radio Gibraltar). I would also like to localize this. I've found radio entries in data sheets. Some in locales.xlsx for the localization and one for each radio station in Sandbox.xlsx. I've tried adding new entries to the sheet, using the same format as the existing stations, but to no avail.

I'm guessing I somehow need to register these new additions? Perhaps, through Unity. I've got both the Uboat Inspector and Unity setup working (but in not sure what I'm looking for or what I need to do). I'd also be curious to know if I can adjust the UI for the radio transmitter which accompanies the radio stations in-game, in the 'Targets' tab.

Huge thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions! And apologies if I've somehow posted this in the wrong section.
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