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radar U-Boat compilations and GWX/Stibler patch setup Weather issues

I'm using many mods <below is my list>, with u-boat compilations and the fix. I think the models and animations are great, except when I use the deck gun, the cap (covering the barrel) linked to a chain, keeps coming back on after every second between shots. It's ruining the immersion for me. Anyway for it to be correctly animated or a fix for that? So the barrel cap comes off when you order crew to the deck gun and it's manned. Then its back on when the deck gun is not manned.

As for the GWX weather.. I have no idea how to properly set up the latest patches for the VB1 supplement and the Stiebler 4c. It really seems confusing because there's a mod for GWX but does that mean I need to have the supplement prepared with VB1 for wolf packs to work? Because I noticed in the steibler GWX3 4b mod, the campaign file is included there.. Which would evidently overwrite the that campaign file I needed to setup. I read many guides and readme for the stiebler patches I really need somebody to walk me through it step by step so I'm utilizing all these features correctly. My weather problem would be the watch offer reports "precipipation None" however I can see it raining on the bridge If anyone has a sure way to get this working with my mod list that would be great. Another problem with the weather is since I use SH3 Commander, everytime I begin a new patrol the sky is all flashing and glitchy. I have to go out of SH3, and reactive the 16k GWX Atmosphere mod which is very annoying, to get it working. -_-

Edit: for the u=boat compilations deck gun problem, maybe I need the first version, instead of 2?

Also my Sh3.exe is updated to the VB1 not Stiebler 4c. Since the GWX3 Stiebler mod is only 4b. And I ran a fresh Steam copy of SH3 installing GWX3 right after. Need direction!

Torpedo damage Final ver2.0
Das Boot Clothes
No Medals No Ranks On Crew For SH3GWXWS
Scirè-Tikigod- repeated order
No Jawhol
FM_NewInterior v2.1D
OLC's Modified Searchlight Beams for GWX3
Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final
GWX - Enhanced Damage Effects
Menu (mask512)
GWX - 16km Atmosphere
Ultimate Aircraft Soundmod
German U-Boats Compilation 2 (only VIIB & VIIC models by WISE)
New U-Boat Guns Fixed Reworked (for German U-Boats Compilation)

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Far as I know the correct installation is
1.German uboat compilation
2.New uboat gun - i think not needed
3.German uboat compilation 2 on the top

Do you use this fix

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gwx3, patch, problems, stiebler, u-boat compilation

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