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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
You fellers must have been posting while I was replying earlier... Anyway

Well, the Ko Hyoteki could do 19 knots, as could the Sen Taka. Imagine chasing one of those with an Everts...

The AI Subs are basically "destroyers". That is all the game allows. We wanted them to be more than "docile", which is all they are in Stock. There are submerged submarines available in the game, but we felt that wouldn't be "sporting" to have any of them active, and to let a player make the choice with an add-in mod later in the mod cycle. As for the active sonar, we hadn't even noticed that yet, but that will "die". We'll keep their hydrophone, so they can track you. Remember though, submarines shoot torpedoes! The sub damage models have been worked on multiple times, and since they are formerly player-controlled subs, they are still a bit on the strong side, but remember, subs did have water-tight compartmentalization, especially when at Battle Stations - well, except the Ko Hyoteki... might be a bit difficult to do that with them.
excuse me but it is possible that i did not express myself plainly enough.

i have been chased by a sub, i forget if it was a regular-sized boat or a mini, and the little #ucker was doing 23 kts!
there are only two things in the world: submarines and targets.
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Good Evening Gentlemen,

PropBeanie, I was just setting the Flotillas.upc up for the Titan. I found that in the Flotilla 13, Saipan, That the MidwayPC2 was set to Flotilla 1. All the others are set to 13 as they should be. The question is, is this an oops or is it set this way for a reason?

as always thank you for your time.


What War Ships?
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