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Steel Fury: New Panzer 38(t) Campaign


Prepare to blow away the enemy with your firepower and roll over the survivors with your tracks, in your new Panzer 38(t) Campaign!

Accept no substitutes!

Remember to add in this entry to the 'camp_list.engcfg' file!

camp\KY2_camp.engcfg, werm_6, txt_cm_camp_werm_6, true, img_user7;

Other requirements:

i. Steel Panzer Mod v1.5 (beta)
ii. Ultimate Update
iii. Ultimate Update Patch (May)
iv. Unofficial Patch SF v0.1

Missions 7 and 8 use the 'best_poly' map, from the 'Japan' mission by xream. One of the earliest and toughest user-made missions ever made for Steel Fury!

10 sequential and action-packed missions for your family-friendly entertainment!

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Just a tiny 'excerpt' from our memoirs - an introduction of sorts, to Mission 7 ('Cliffhangers'):

Our trusty old tanks clanked up the hill. Any number of antitank positions might be hiding in the scattered woods - our infantry were good to have around in this fight. Sudden chattering of machine-guns broke the tension - enemy spotted! The unwelcome crack of enemy guns added to the din... Our gunner helpfully lobbed a few HE rounds at their suspected locations.

And suddenly we were over the hill and barrelling down the other side! The tactical situation revealed itself like a tableau. Up ahead, our artillery was now wreaking havoc on the main defenses. Further off in the distance, enemy tank formations, heading up toward the sounds of battle! The terse command crackled over the headphones: "Panzers, forward!"

Nope, this isn't the end. It's not even the beginning of the end. But maybe, just maybe, it's the end of the beginning.
So why don't you play it through and find out how it goes? Rock on!
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