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Looking for Modern Mod

Hi everybody,

i´m new in this forum and would ask, if anyone knows a mod for SH III that turns the time of aktion from WWII into the Cold War (ca. 1970 - 1989). Is there any mod who gives the player submarines class 206A, 206, 212 or something like that?

I tryed to play Sub Command und Dangerous Water but those games are to heavy for me. I´ve got no problems with SHIII at 100% but the other two games i loose everytime - and i should know how to use a modern sub. I was a sonar petty officer in the German Navy on boats class 206a and 212 for 8 jears.

Thanks for answering.
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Firstly, welcome aboard

Secondly - nothing springs to mind about the modern mod but it's the kind of thing I think people will have thought about in the past, so it may be there somewhere. I'm sure somebody will clarify soon.
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Also drawing a blank on the modern mod, but welcome all the same!
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Welcome aboard!
I, too, was a sonar tech! However, I was in the US Navy
I think the biggest obstacle to making a "modern" SH3 would be the sonar interface...

Apart from that, this game is pretty flexible, and I'm sure if you learn a few tricks you could make the first one!
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206a, 212, modern sub, shii modern mod

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