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Get ready for a whole new level of realism!
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Old 08-10-16, 06:56 AM   #1
Onkel Neal
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bullhorn Introducing: Wolfpack

HMS Marulken is now: Wolfpack

Subsim presents Wolfpack. Skvader Studios have upgraded the HMS Marulken project to a 4-player co-op U-boat simulation. Work is fast underway with a high-quality Type VII U-boat model, reconfigured helm station, and upgraded environment. Our team spent many hours examining the U-995 in Kiel, Germany last week and we plan to create a U-boat game that gives the four players procedural hands-on control of their stations. The teamwork and skill-based gameplay will set Wolfpack apart from all the sub games that have come before it. Sailor, get ready for a whole new way to subsim.

We have included a small VR proof of concept demo for the HTC Vive. It is available for download at our new webpage:

Don't forget to hit that Subscribe button! It is how you can show your support at this stage.

Good hunting!
Onkel Neal, Subsim
Stockholm, Sweden
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CINC Pacific Fleet
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Originally Posted by Onkel Neal View Post

Bernard would be proud of you, Einar.
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Glad to see the name change and inclusion of a U-Boot. I think the choice will give the game much greater appeal internationally.
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Old 08-10-16, 08:10 AM   #4
Admirable Mike
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Default Congratulations

It is great to see the progress you guys have made on the new game concept.
Well done!
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Old 08-10-16, 08:28 AM   #5
Willing Webfooted Beast
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This will bring the community together even more
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Old 08-10-16, 08:46 AM   #6
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Beautifully,nicely done.
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Old 10-18-16, 09:03 AM   #7
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Default lets hope its interesting

lets hope it actually produces something interesting and some sort of simulation and not a phone app sub game that is boring to tears.
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Old 10-18-16, 09:08 AM   #8
Gefallen Engel U-666
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Default Welcome back!


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Welcome to SubSim U-22
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Oh my God, not again!!

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Old 11-22-16, 10:48 AM   #10
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I've been away for a while, but seeing this game and progress is fantastic!

My idea was to install SH:V again when done with work (and all the work to install mods that comes with it), but I definitely will give this a try first! Looking forward to it.

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Old 01-11-17, 08:26 AM   #11
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Man this sim looks amazing, but I really wished it was a modern sub sim, perhaps based on a SSK like a IKL 2009, or some cold SSN like a Sturgeon or a Thresher.
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marulken, wolfpack

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