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Mad Mardigan
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SHO Re: Kudos, to the FotRSU team...


Just want to take a momento, to give a nod of recog to the team, for all the hard work & effort you do.. into all the body shop work you put into FotRSU mod.

Just want to make sure you know that all that work & effort, is most definitely appreciated.

So... here's to ya'll...

M. M.

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Mios 4Me
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USS Balao, ex-Midway, Manila agent insertion, on 12/14/43 @ 0600, encountered a large convoy in heavy weather 17.5 km, 266° from the mission symbol after delivering the agent, whose raft exploded upon launch. The Yugumo DD withstood three torpedo hits and multiple 4" shells on two attacks before succumbing on the third shelling. Luck of the draw, probably, but as we left the area, we encountered the other two escorts:

1 corvette was stationary with no signs of damage
1 corvette was moving S at 1 kt with no signs of damage.

Neither had been in contact with us prior.

Both eventually moved off as we receded in the distance.

No plane encounters because of the weather.

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Macgregor the Hammer
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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
Thanks. We have been BZBZ as of late... as for the airplanes, it depends upon what plane sees you, and whether they have weapons left to use on you, as to whether they attack or not. Rest assured, they have 100% radio comms reliability, and will surely fone home about where you are and which direction you are headed. If CapnScurvy gets finished painting that Mercury that he acquired, he might be coerced into doing an FotRSU-compatible OTC mod, especially since DanielCoffey did all that wonderful sil work. MaxOptics are basically already in the mod, but in an "historical" manner. All the views in-game are properly "zoomed" and "aligned" for accuracy. The scopes and binoculars are all set spot-on to what was on ww2 subs, so even if CapnScurvy did do an OTC mod for FotRSU, you wouldn't see that aspect of the mod change. As for "Bernard" at work on the radar, CapnScurvy did "fine"-tune the set, to where if you are on rough seas, you will lose radar "efficiency" since the "beam" is narrower in FotRSU, but to have an out-and-out failure, the game does not do that in the "stock" base...
Thanks for the insights. Regarding the periscope magnification, I have a GFO installation that I use to do 'apples to apples' testing. I took screen shots of both FotRSU and stock pericope sightings of target ship @ 3000 yds. There is quite a difference between them. The FotRSU is much larger and detailed. Sometimes it's difficult to remember what the previous rev was looking like and compare it to the current release. I don't know how accurate the cross wire gradicules are, as it would pertain to estimating ship range. I do know the magification is solid because I can estimate an accurate ship speed using the wire method. I'm in process of finding alternative methods for ships speeds and range that don't include using the map. Something more along the line of what skippers used during the war. I digress. I see the difference with scope magnification.....Thanks for that.....
Where's Major Kong?
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